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Mobirise easy website builder can publish to Github Pages. I could see if you have a very small site, maybe you could test it that way and have people go there and it would host the files on your Github Pages. It's not a permanent solution but a way for you to backup your website or a way for you to transport your website in the cloud. So some pretty cool options to be able to deal with your website once you're finished and then I guess it once you are finished with their website you published it online. Then if you want to make changes all you have to do is open Mobirise again come in, make the changes that you wanna make and then again to republish in whatever way you want so if you publish an override the local folders and then you use an FTP program or if you do it straight through Mobirise best website builder how we decide to do it and you override those files.

Mobirise easy website builder can publish to Github Pages

Then it's going to be liable mind so this is not only a builder but it's an editor where you can add pages, you can sections and then you'd be able to override those files on your web server this live that people could see. So it's a very handy easy website builder. You can see here you know what is it gonna look like. It's a mobile website so you can see its mobile responsive. All of the blocks are gonna look exactly like they should. You not gonna be able to miss those up and so it's gonna give you a really nice presence, all the way from desktop all the way down to a phone. Look at a couple of the two projects that I've done and we'll preview it. This is a one-page type of situation where each of these links is gonna go to a different part. So you can see it scrolls down nicely. Maybe a company with a couple of products that they use is our mission and our values and I saw it all you know these are about our company values and you come down and you can read a little bit about the history so more of an article style.

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So it's a very handy easy website builder

And then there's a contact form. You can see that the background is a parallax scrolling so it's a nice addition too. In the bottom we have the map and then some links and contact information. This is all just editable, you can make it all links you can make it all text you can you know quite a bit of leeway there you click on the link groups extent but normally you would be able to go all the way back up to the top of the website. Let's see yet another web site in here. This is e-commerce took my hand it may be what would it look like if you try to do an e-commerce website so check that out in the browser too. Serbia men's clothing store. You see a nice full width very modern style with a register as Sign In button. Some of the elements took a little bit different but they're all just basing this is the three across the picture that I door in a lil cult action. Here is a nice image gallery that you can include changing images is simple in this program are you just click on the image and it will take you to the Explorer browser where you can choose images off of your computer. Nice little feature section with a call to action.

And then there's a contact form

There's a couple of difference, you can subscribe to our newsletter and other section subscribe to our social media channels. Another responsive website builder section in here. So if you go to this will be a whole new page Corp parents and then bring in another nice little harder and then here you just have your listings but the different styles of pants and then you would have thought call to action to buy. And for each of these it's gonna be the same thing, a similar setup in a similar style. One of the great things about Mobirise web page builder that allows you to copy and clone pages so they know you have to do is go to any change the media in the pages as opposed to having to recreate pages over and over and over.

And for each of these it's gonna be the same thing, a similar setup in a similar style responsive website builder

You just clone them or copy them and you can create product pages like that. So here we have an example of what's called an anchor link, so these don't go to a new page they go to a new part of the website bootstrap carousel. So maybe someone wants to the more interested in getting right into the summer blowout instead of going all the way down the page then click on here and takes you right down to that section.

So some pretty cool things that are going on in this website it's one of the best code free editors that I've ever seen in terms of being able to create very modern blocks of code, modern blocks of web design. And what happens is at the end you don't have to pay anything for your website. You are able to design it.

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