What is Javascript Tabs?


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Using Deluxe Tabs is a very space-saving way to present the information. Now you don't have got to puzzle over the problem how to design the page in the best way.

If you have a large volume of data and your page needs to be scrolled down too much - Deluxe Tabs is your choice! Just divide the information and distribute it among the javascript tabs so that your visitors could reach the next piece of information with one single click. No more uncomfortable reading with scrolling! Various types of data can be placed on one page. So, your visitors need no more reload a large number of pages to find the information they want.

Deluxe Tabs will really lighten the process of site building as it allows to place much information within one page without creating many others. But for all that, all the information is parted and structured. You are free to create tabs containing text, images and practically all kinds of information in various combinations. You may also create any desirable design inside the tab with HTML. And you can add as many tabs as you wish!

For more info about Deluxe Tabs features see

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