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    I still get 'Error on page' when I hover over the first java scrolling menu item.

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Q: I replaced the code you suggested and I downloaded the current version of Deluxe-Tuner. I also removed the Javascript roll-overs I had elsewhere on the page and created the text.

I still get 'Error on page' when I hover over the first java scrolling menu item.

Please help! I need to buid this site out by Monday.

A: Now you have several errors in your data file:

var menuBackColor="f9f9ec";

You should write:
var menuBackColor="#f9f9ec";

The following parameters cannot be empty:
var menuBorderWidth="0";
var itemBorderWidth="0";

It is not correct to write the java scrolling menu parameter in the following way:
var itemBorderStyle=["1px","1px"];

You should write:
var itemBorderStyle=["none","none"];

If you want to add borders in the subitems you should write:
var itemBorderWidth="1";
var itemBorderColor=["#c59d1f","#c59d1f"];
var itemBorderStyle=["solid","solid"];

And to remove border from the top items you should create Individual style and assign it to the top items:
var itemStyles = [

["","", "/images/nav_OFF_01.gif", "/images/nav_ON_01.gif", "", "","0", "", "", "", "", ], //assign style 0
["","", "/images/nav_OFF_02.gif", "/images/nav_ON_02.gif", "", "", "0", "", "", "", "", ], //assign style 0

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