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    JS Menu Files Description

Description of JS Menu Files

Deluxe Menu package contains the following files:

data.js data file with menu parameters, items and styles
dmenu.js main engine file
dmenu4.js engine for Netscape 4 browser
dmenu_add.js additional module for floatable/movable menus
dmenu_dyn.js additional module with Javascript API
dmenu_key.js additional module with the keystrokes support
dmenu_cf.js additional module with the cross-frame support
dmenu_popup.js additional module for popup (contextual) menus
dmenu_ajax.js additional module with the AJAX-like support
dmenu_search.js additional module with the search support

The js menu loads different files to decrease a loadable data level according to the type of a browser and selected features of the menu.


Data for the menu are stored in a separate .js-file (data.js by default).
You can rename this file as you wish.
This file contains:

    1. Menu parameters.
    2. Items and styles.
    3. Function for a menu initialization (dm_init()).

See sample code.

All content from data.js file can be placed directly into html page within <script></script> tags.
It can be helpful when you generate menu parameters and items from database (e.g. mySQL) using a server-side script (PHP, ASP, VB, etc.).

Use Deluxe Tuner application to create and save such files for your menus.


The dmenu_dyn.js file is the module with Javascript functions of the menu.
These functions allow you to change menu parameters and its components "on the fly" without page reloading.

Using these functions you can:
     - add/delete submenus;
     - add/delete/show/hide menu items;
     - change parameters and appearance of items;
     - get different information about components of the menu;
     - set a pressed item;
     - etc.

To enable these Javascript functions set the following menu parameter: var dynamic = 1;


The dmenu_key.js file is the module with the keystrokes support.
You can move along the menu and open js menu links using a keyboard.
To activate the keyboard support for the menu set the following parameter: var keystrokes = 1;

To activate the menu or switch to next menu on the page use Ctrl + F2 keys combination (by default).
To move along the menu use arrow keys.
To activate an item link use Enter key.
To deactivate the menu use Esc key.

The menu uses document.onKeyDown event to capture keyboard events.
If you don't want to use this event or another function is assigned to this event already - call dm_ext_keystrokes(event) function to activate the keystrokes support.


The dmenu_cf.js file is the module with the cross-frame support.
See cross-frame installation.
See cross-frame samples.


The dmenu_popup.js file is the module for popup (contextual) menus.
See popup menu sample.


The dmenu_search.js file is the module with the search support.
This feature allows you to move around the menu items according to the entered keywords. You should add the javascript menu parameter:

    var dmSearch=2;

0-nosearch; 1-ordinary search (within one level of submenus only); 2-recursive (within the whole menu);


The dmenu_ajax.js file is the module with the AJAX-like support.
AJAX-like technology allows to load data for submenus "on-the-fly" from the server.
Supported browsers (Windows OS): IE5+, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 7+, Opera 8+.
Necessary menu parameters:

    var dmAJAX = 1;
    var dmAJAXCount = 30;

See AJAX-like mode sample.

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