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    When I save the file in our folder all the icons stop showing in my button start menu

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Q: When I save the file in our folder all the icons stop showing.  I placed a image folder in our IE folder and still no icons are showing.

A: You should check all your paths.
Please, check that you have correct paths in the tmenuItems. For example:

["|Samples", "", "icon3_s.gif", "icon3_so.gif", "", "Samples Tip"],
["||Sample 1", "testlink.htm", "iconarrs.gif"],
["||Sample 2", "testlink.htm", "iconarrs.gif"],
["||Sample 3", "testlink.htm", "iconarrs.gif"],
["||Sample 4", "testlink.htm", "iconarrs.gif"],
You can also try to use the following parameter:

var tpathPrefix_img = "img/";

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