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    The menu appears perfectly in the css menu maker preview screen, but not on the page.

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Q: I have been using the trial deluxe menu with the deluxe tuner to create a menu and have run into a problem.

The menu is based on the following template:

Vista Styles (Part 2) Vista Style 1.

When I saved the menu file to put into an html file I followed the instructions on the screen to save all the files to the folder where I wanted the menu to appear in an html., and then followed the instructions to paste the menu into the html file where I wanted the menu to appear.

It is not working. It seems as though something is left out of the code, or perhaps not all the necessary files are being copied. The menu appears perfectly in the deluxe tuner preview screen, but not when I try to save it and use it elsewhere.

I have included all the files, including the instructions that came up when I saved the menu, in the attached zip file and wonder if you might take a look at it and tell me what I am doing wrong and/or leaving out.

Can you help?

A: Your menu works fine.
But you should paste
into "data-NINnew.files" folder.

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