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    Which license we should buy to use dhtml tree menu on CD?

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Q: I have downloaded the trial version of the tree menu to use it to create our products list that will be distributed on a CD. We have decided to buy it but we are confused which license we should buy!

Which license we should buy?

A: To use Deluxe Tree on CD/DVD you should buy developer license.
Other licenses allow you to use the menu on Internet / Intranet websites only.

With the Developer license you can use the menu on an unlimited number of Internet or Intranet sites and on the local machines.
This version of the script doesn't check keys and it isn't bound to a domain name, so it can be used with an application that doesn't have a fixed domain name. There is also no need to add <noscript> tag to each page.

See in Single Website License, Multiple Website License and Developer License our source code is obfuscated.
And in Developer License with Javascript Source Code you can see the code and change it. This is unique difference between Developer license and Developer license with source code.

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