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    In IE expand menu javascript looks fine but I cannot see the menu in Firefox...

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Q: Iím trying to setup a simple DHTML MENU (TREE MENU). It works just fine. I just have an issue that I canít solve.

The parameter ďvar tmenuHeight = "0"; Your documentation says the following

Height of the menu in (px, % or other units).
If the value 0 - the menu sets its height automatically.
If the value is small - scrollbars appear.

In IE it looks fine but I cannot see the menu in Firefox. When I set the parameter to for example 100 then it shows up both in IE and Firefox. But I cannot set a value in pixels. I donít know how big the menu is because itís dynamically built. According to your doc I can specify the value in percentage but this doesnít work. When I set the value to ď100%Ē it doesnít show up in Firefox again. †

How can I solve this issue?

A: Try to set this parameter in the following way:

var tmenuHeight = "auto";

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