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    I am having a problem with css styles in the css drop down menu.

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Q: I got your non-profit license a couple of days ago and Iím putting all the pieces together. I appreciate the license. I am having a problem with css styles. I have my site set up with css but canít figure out how to get deluxe menu to see the css. I have read through the help and examples. I feel so dense. When I set the parameter to 1 what else do I need to see the styles?

A: We have several examples of the menus using css.

You should set var cssStyle=1; parameter and then assign your styles to the items.

var cssSubmenu is a CSS class name for all submenus. You can set, for example, background color, background image, borders for all submenus.

var cssItem is CSS class names for all items (normal state, mouseover state) in the top menu and submenus.

var cssItemText is CSS class names for text of all items (normal state, mouseover state) in the top menu and submenus.

It's possible to appoint individual CSS styles for separate elements of the menu using individual item styles and individual submenu styles.

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