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    I cannot get the separator image to display in my dhtml right click menu.

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Q: I cannot get the separator image to display in my dhtml right click menu. Is there a setting I am missing? I want to separate the main menu items with an image.

A: To add a separator you should

//--- Separators
var separatorImage=""; //for subitems (top items in vertical dhtml right click menu)
var separatorWidth="100%";
var separatorHeight="3px";
var separatorAlignment="right";
var separatorVImage="separator.gif"; //for the top items (subitems items in vertical menu)
var separatorVWidth="100%";
var separatorVHeight="2px";
var separatorPadding="";

You can create separators using menuItems (you can do it in Deluxe Tuner, use "Add separator" button), for example:

var menuItems = [
["item 1"],
["-"], // this item is separator
["item 2"],

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