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The region allows to set the following parameters for selected items:

Text - item text.
    If this value is '-' (minus), the item is separator.
    You can also write any HTML code for this value. For example, a table or an image.

Link - URL to open on an item click event.
    Besides, you can write a Javascript code instead of URL:   javascript:your_code

Target - individual item target.
    You can set one of standard values or set your own target (for example, a frame name).
    If the target is '_' item is disabled.

Tip - hint message.

Normal icon - item icon in a normal item state.
Mouse over icon - item icon in a mouseover item state.

Item style - individual item style.
Submenu style - individual submenu style.

.js filename - Javascript filename on a server that contains menuItems variable with submenu data.
See more info about AJAX-like technology in Deluxe Menu.

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