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    Individual Sub Menu Styles

Individual Sub Menu Styles

Individual sub menu styles are special menu parameters (arrays) that you can assign to each submenu of the menu.

var menuStyles = [
        ["paramName=value", "paramName=value", "paramName=value", ...],     // style with index 0
        ["paramName=value", "paramName=value", "paramName=value", ...],     // style with index 1

Each style can accept the following sub menu parameters:

paramName=value Description
smWidth=200px Width of a submenu. It's recommended to set 'px' units.
smHeight=500px Height of a submenu. It's recommended to set 'px' units.
smColumns=3 Number of columns.
menuBorderWidth=1 Width of a border.
menuBorderStyle=solid Styles of a border.
Available values:
"none", "solid", "double", "dotted", "dashed", "groove", "ridge".
menuBorderColor=#AA0000 Color of a border.
itemSpacing=2 Item spacing.
itemPadding=5px Item padding. It's recommended to set 'px' units.
menuBackColor=#0033EC Background color.
menuBackImage=image Background image.
CSS=class CSS class name.
Works if var cssStyle=1; in menu parameters.

To assign the style to a sub menu you should assign this style to the first item in this submenu.
For example:

var menuStyles = [
        ["smWidth=300", "menuBorderWidth=2"],     // style 0
        ["smHeight=450", "itemSpacing=4", "itemPadding=15", "menuBackImage=myimage.jpg"],     // style 1

var menuItems = [
        ["Product Info"],
             ["|Features", "features.html", , , "Tip Text", , , "0"],     // assign style 0 to the first item in the sub menu
             ["|Parameters", "params.html", , , "Tip Text"],
             ["|Contacts", "contacts.html", , , "Tip Text", , , "1"],     // assign style 1 to the first item in the submenu
             ["|Write Us", "mailto:mymail@mymail.com"],

Use Deluxe Tuner application to create and assign individual styles.

See also:
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