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    The submenus of the cross frame menu are offset by about 100 pixels to the right.

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Q: I got the menu to display across frames, but it displays differently in Firefox & Mozilla vs. Internet Explorer. Is that to be expected?

In The Mozilla-based browsers, the submenu butts right up under the main menu – which is how I want it. In IE, it is about 10 pixels below.

Also, I can’t get the submenus to drop down directly under the main menus – they are offset by about 100 pixels to the right.

A: The problem is in a structure of your frameset.
Mozilla browsers can't determine absolute coordinates for a frame, so submenus drop down with an offset.

You should create the following frameset structure:

   | menu
   | submenus

Now a top row has 2 columns and all browsers can determine a width of the 1st column in the second row.

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