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    I cannot see the arrow.gif's in my rollover drop down menu..

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Q: I cannot see the arrow.gif's in my rollover drop down menu.

Here is my code:
var arrowImageMain=["menudir/arrow_main3.gif","menudir/arrow_main3.gif"];
var arrowWidthSub=0;
var arrowHeightSub=0;
var arrowImageSub=["menudir/arrow_sub5.gif","menudir/arrow_sub4.gif"];

Do I need to put the arrow's somewhere else?

A: You should check the following parameter:

var pathPrefix_img="data-samples/images/";

Please check that you have the correct path to your aroows relative to the folder with index.html file.

For example, you have:

In menu.js file you should write:
var pathPrefix_img="menudir/";
var arrowImageMain=["arrow_main3.gif","arrow_main3.gif"];
var arrowImageSub=["arrow_sub5.gif","arrow_sub4.gif"];

var pathPrefix_img="";
var arrowImageMain=["menudir/arrow_main3.gif","menudir/arrow_main3.gif"];
var arrowImageSub=["menudir/arrow_sub5.gif","menudir/arrow_sub4.gif"];

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