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Easy and fun, free offline web design software for designing great looking mobile friendly websites.


Regular users needing a great website for free, web designers looking for extra power in prototyping.


Easy and fun websites creation process.
Amazing mobile link in bio websites.
Speed and convenience.
Fee for personal and commercial projects.



For any device

Pages designed with it are mobile first – once created they adapt to display great on mobiles, tablets, and any desktop. It passes a mobile friendly test.

Instant SEO

It's an SEO-friendly solution off the shelf – without any extra actions needed to be taken from you

Bootstrap 4 based

The latest build of the most popular and beloved responsive framework powers the pages you create with the web builder.

Using trendy blocks

Pages get built with predefined blocks carefully crafted with a modern look and clean beautiful appearance up to the latest trends in web design.

And great themes

To get you started and maintain consistent appearance Web Designer has beautiful free bootstrap templates with matching fonts, colors and elements setting the mood you seek.

Choose where to host

Host the sites you create without limitations – they will display flawlessly anywhere – from your local hard drive to your favorite hosting, e.g. Github Pages.

Free Website Builder

Get and use it free of charge from the first day. You won’t be asked to pay for creating your personal or business pages later on.
Use it for as many pages and sites you want.




Сreating appealing bootstrap slider or slides with powerful headlines and calls to action is easy and convenient with this. Each slide can contain an image or a video and lets you select which elements – headings text, buttons solid overlay and so on – to display.


Cozy and flexible the bootstrap gallery blocks present your images in thumbnail view to be displayed in a light box upon clicking on them. Each image can be assigned multiple tags in order to filter the content if needed – for example, in case of a portfolio.

Images and videos

The program automatically handles image sizes and scales them in order to fit the placeholders in the blocks. Same counts for the video content – it gets included by just pasting the link to its YouTube location.

Stay in touch

The multiple predefined contact and subscribe form blocks come out of the box along with all that’s needed for handling them – the only action required is filling in your email address.

Google Maps

There are many ways including one in your projects and setting them up is extremely easy – by just typing the address needed or pasting the required coordinates.

Share your site

Adding sharing functionality is easy and fast with the ready-made sharing block available. You can customize which platforms to include – all the main social networks are covered.

Take over the screen

Come elements are designed to fit the entire screen no matter of its dimensions - perfect for intro sections taking all of the viewer’s attention.

Write an article

Great powerful and rich f content articles can easily be created combining just a few blocks – Headings, subheadings, text with an image or different column layouts are supported.

Free Website Builder

HTML5 Video background

You can add videos not only to your sliders but also as a background for most of your blocks. There is a handy solid color overlay with adjustable opacity feature to easily blend them with block’s content.

Flexible DHTML Javascript Menu

The navigation mobile menu has multiple appearances according to the settings you gave it and the device it’s being viewed on. Setting it up is required only once.

Dropdown menu

Adding multiple levels of bootstrap menu is easy and fast – you can add as many sublevel elements as you need still keeping best appearance on any screen.

Add some music

With the Soundcloud block adding your favorite tracks narrows down to pasting the appropriate link in the placeholder and setting the autoplay option.

Back to top

Turn on the scroll button in a click and it will appear after a short scrolling down your site adding this simple but essential functionality.

Do it once

Style a block only once and save it in your custom library to use it again whenever needed. This great functionality helps getting rid of repetitive routines and focusing on the concept.

Depth with parallax

Adding a parallax scrolling effect to the background image of a block is a matter of a single click in the block’s parameters panel.

What the others say

You can easily include you clients and partners thoughts about you and your business. The testimonials blocks are flexible and appealing.

Name your price

Pricing tables blocks come with a rich content layout and multiple appearance options as the number of items being displayed and the option of outlining an important item.

Join your feeds

With the social feed block you can unite all the feeds you like and include them as a single element on your site. Multiple feeds pre-platform are also available.

Give the word

Letting visitors share their thoughts using a social profile is also available in a separate block. Using a profile from different platforms is available.

Keep track

With the specially developed Google analytics field you can easily keep track of your sites views and auditory – all you need is enter your tracking code in.

Alert your users

Use the built-in alert function to aware your visitors for the usage of cookies or any important information you think should be the first thing to consider viewing your site.

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"If a novice web designer asks me to point them in the direction of a totally free website builder, This free web design software will now be high on my list of recommendations. I'm that impressed."
" ..which is a diplomatic way of saying “Hallelujah!” for being able to design websites that should require coding without any coding skills."
"Website Builder Software is a refresher on the two solutions for creating websites that load as well on mobile devices as they do on desktops."
"As a Category Pioneer, this tiny app is making the Bootstrap 4 accessible to graphic professionals, hobbyists and web designers without their having to master the code base"
"For me, it seemed like a Lego project made with a collection or building blocks... Produce sites that shine in a mobile world!"
"Want a responsive, mobile, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript driven site without breaking a sweat? For free? Voila! (You're welcome.)"
"The first website template based on latest Bootstrap 4 alpha 2."
"Drag and drop blocks and build websites in mere minutes! Definitely one of the easiest software solution for web building."
"Website Builder looks great, is genuinely easy to use, and allows you to build stylish and attractive websites with no hassles at all."
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A vast library covering all the beloved web icon font packs offering thousands of items to be inserted when needed as an accent in your features blocks or buttons. Icons fitting multiple visions are picked up – from simplistic to rich in detail. You can choose to maintain the default parent element appearance or change it entirely adding different size and color of the icon you’re about to insert.

WOW Slider

Achieve amazing effects with almost no efforts with his amazing image extension transforming a simple sequence of images into a spinning cube, book turning pages, camera observing a single frame and much more. WOW slider comes packed with multiple predefined sizes and themes which can be freely combined with any of the transitions linking and captioning options available producing thousands of possible appearances of a single image set.

Paypal Cart

Receive money and sell your products with this handy Extension. Using it alone or with the Blocks Pack and its storefront feature you can easily set up your store and with the unique web design software editing approach describing your products and arranging them will be as easy as putting them on your real store shelves.

web Design Software Review
Code editor

The best way expanding your so far visual builder into a powerful Styling and HTML editor. With its unique single block targeting and two level editing capability the Code Editor is also great for aiding people in their first steps learning the code and even creating entirely new blocks. You can take any block and create entirely new from it still keeping its properties panel or grab a snippet from several blocks, combine them with your own and create something new and exciting. With the live preview function, you can observe the results at any time through your work.

web Design Software free

Just in case you need more the BlockPack extension comes to meet your needs with new exciting appearances and functions. Along with the new beautiful ways of presenting your content, this web design software extension also provides entirely new functionalities for amazing site’s visitors with professional and up-to-date elements and effects like a moving viewport slider transforming still images into mini movies, animated text backgrounds live changing captions, collapsible a tab organized content blocks – standalone and with an inline image and even a whole storefront block with multiple filtering options.

web Design Software Mac

Set the focus on performance and content with this theme. Everything in SpaceM aims utilizing the space the best way possible. Fancy appearance is being put away in favor of setting the focus on the information stated. Minimal but not simplistic the design scheme helps you create a clean and straightforward site in which intense information gets easily received.

Best web Design Software Review

Obtain mild and romantic impression with this one of bootstrap 4 templates. All the design elements of PurityM are crafted to gently flatter the eye calming the visitor down and presenting the content in a friendly and discrete way. Clean and beautiful with just as many effects as needed this theme is perfect for gaining user’s trust and sympathy.


The most important rule to follow starting up with web design software is – Remember to have Fun with it! Do as it says and great the great results will come out on their own. All the blocks you need are on your right side panel which you can call with the Plus button. The brush over it is the Style changer – play with it to switch essential options or see an entire site with new colors or fonts. On the top, there are the buttons switching the view and letting you preview or publish your work so far (check this github pages tutorial). And to the right, called out with hovering over the hamburger icon is your main menu giving you access to all your projects done so far, the pages within them and the Themes and Extensions section. As simple as possible the Gear means Settings, the Trash bin – Delete, the arrows are for dragging your blocks around, the Download is for saving your block to your custom library and the copy symbol next to each pages name stands for Duplicate. Once you insert a block – edit the dummy text just like you would in your text editor – that’s it.