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Multiple AI templates

The AI HTML template generator presents an extensive array of ready-made AI website themes and templates suited for various sectors in life and business. Boasting over 9500 attractive website blocks, the collection spans free and premium themes, alongside page templates reflecting the newest web design trends. Each template is versatile, crafted with ample customization options, ensuring users can adapt designs to their unique requirements seamlessly. This diverse toolkit empowers creators to effortlessly craft stunning, professional websites.


How to make websites with AI HTML template generator?

1. Download the App or Open the Online Version

Firstly, choose the platform that suits you best: Mac, Windows, or Linux to download the AI HTML template generator app. Alternatively, if you prefer not to install anything, simply open the online version of the tool in your preferred web browser, making it accessible regardless of your operating system.

2. Start with AI

Upon opening the application or the online version, start with the AI by selecting the 'Start with AI' option. This will prompt you to input some basic information about the website you intend to create, such as its purpose, intended audience, and preferred style. This data helps the AI better understand your needs and tailor the templates accordingly.

3. Select Your Preferred Template

After feeding information to the AI, it will offer you a selection of templates that best suit your requirements. Browse through these options and select the template that catches your eye and fits your desired aesthetic. Remember, the template will serve as the foundation of your website, so choose wisely.

4. Customize the Template

With your template selected, you can now customize it to your liking. Use the drag-and-drop editor to rearrange elements, change colors, and add new sections. You can also upload your images, videos, and logos to make the template uniquely yours. Experiment with different configurations until you're satisfied with the look and feel of your website.

5. Preview Your Website

Before publishing, take advantage of the preview feature. This allows you to see how your website will look on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Pay attention to layout adjustments and responsiveness across devices to ensure a seamless user experience. Make any final adjustments as necessary.

6. Publish Your Website

Once you're completely satisfied with your website, it's time to publish. Follow the instructions provided by the platform to connect your domain (if you have one) or use the default domain provided. Your website is now live and accessible to everyone on the internet. Share the link with friends, family, and on your social media to start attracting visitors.

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Motion Studio
Digital Agency
Mobile App Demo
Development Сompany
Development Сompany
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Book Store
Small Business Studio
Hair Stylist
Fabric Store
Online Gaming Portal
Radio DJ
Public Speaking Training
 Rap Festival
Family Dentistry
Modern Church
Software Product
Preparation of Commercial Offers
Beauty Salon
Software Development Company
Selling Digital Products
Small Business Website
Graphic Designer
Designer Portfolio
Business Seminar Series
Job Offers Registration
Dental Clinic
Furniture Store
Commercial Offers for Business
Interior Designer
 Video Game
Religion Center

Edit locally and publish wherever

Publish your website effortlessly to various platforms according to your preference, be it a local drive, FTP, or directly to * For those seeking a personalized touch, connecting a custom domain is also an option. This flexibility ensures that you're not confined to a single platform or dependent on one service provider. With total control over your site, you can customize and update it anytime, reflecting your vision exactly as you intended.

Start selling online

Elevate your website by incorporating advanced e-commerce features with Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions. These tools allow for seamless integration of a shopping platform onto your current site, facilitating the management of dynamic product cards effortlessly. As a result, orders can be streamlined directly to your WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, optimizing the purchase process for both you and your customers, and ensuring a smoother, more efficient online shopping experience.

Get social

Elevate your website by incorporating social feed extensions that seamlessly integrate your Instagram and Facebook posts, bringing a personal touch and enhancing user engagement. Highlight your latest adventures and thoughts directly on your platform. Moreover, featuring your most recent TikTok dances or YouTube vlogs can captivate your audience, keeping them hooked with fresh content. This dynamic approach not only showcases your social media prowess but also encourages visitors to follow your vibrant online presence across platforms.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensuring your customers can easily access your services on mobile devices is crucial. Websites designed with the app inherently possess mobile-friendly characteristics, seamlessly adapting to smaller screens. This not only enhances the user experience but also aligns with Google's preferences for mobile-friendly websites. Consequently, adopting a mobile-optimized approach can significantly boost your site's ranking on Google, making your services more visible and accessible to a broader audience.

View and edit website code

For websites needing advanced personalization, the Code Editor extension becomes essential. This tool allows users to directly manipulate HTML/CSS, enabling precise adjustments and the integration of external plugins for enhanced functionality. Additionally, it offers the capability to craft custom HTML blocks, providing a foundation for unique web elements tailored exactly to your specifications. This hands-on approach ensures your site not only stands out but also perfectly aligns with your vision.

Key AI HTML template generator features


AI Generation

AI generation revolutionizes web design by automating the creation process, making it faster and more efficient. It analyzes user preferences and data to generate highly customized HTML templates. This feature dramatically reduces the time spent on developing websites, allowing designers to focus on refining and customizing the final product further. The AI's learning capability means it constantly improves, offering designs that are both innovative and in line with current trends.


Export and Publish Anywhere

The ability to export and publish anywhere offers unmatched flexibility for web developers and designers. This feature allows the generated HTML templates to be seamlessly exported and then published across various platforms and hosting services. Whether it's integrating with content management systems like WordPress or deploying directly to web servers, the process is straightforward. It ensures that the transition from template generation to live website is smooth, enabling users to broadcast their digital presence across the web effectively and without any platform-specific limitations.


Offline Mode

Offline mode is particularly useful for users who work in environments with limited or no internet connectivity. It ensures that productivity isn't hindered by connectivity issues, allowing designers to continue crafting and editing HTML templates without an active internet connection. Once online, changes can be easily synchronized, ensuring a seamless transition between offline and online work. This feature is invaluable for freelancers and agencies that require the ability to work anytime, anywhere, maximizing productivity and ensuring deadlines are met regardless of internet availability.


Customizable Design Options

Customizable design options allow users to tweak and refine the generated templates to their exact specifications. From changing the color scheme and font styles to adjusting the layout and adding custom CSS, this feature offers a breadth of flexibility. It empowers users to take the AI-generated base and tailor it to the brand identity and visual aesthetics they desire. This ensures that despite the automation in the initial design, the final website can still carry a unique and personal touch that aligns with the user's or their client's branding.


Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are paramount in today’s digital age, and an AI HTML template generator addresses these concerns head-on. It ensures that user data and preferences fed into the system for generating templates are securely stored and processed. Advanced encryption and secure coding practices protect against unauthorized access and ensure that the integrity of the user's information remains intact. This feature builds trust among users by safeguarding their projects and personal information, allowing them to focus on creativity without worrying about potential data breaches.


Responsive Design

In the era of mobile-first indexing, responsive design is a crucial feature. An AI HTML template generator creates templates that are inherently responsive, ensuring that websites look great on any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This feature adjusts the layout and elements of the templates based on the screen size, providing an optimal viewing experience for users across devices. It enhances user engagement and accessibility, making it a vital component of modern web design principles.


SEO Optimization

SEO optimization ensures that the generated templates are not just visually appealing but also rank well on search engines. This feature incorporates best SEO practices, from optimizing heading tags for better hierarchy to ensuring fast loading speeds and mobile responsiveness. It helps in improving the visibility of websites on search engine results pages (SERPs), directly impacting traffic and engagement. This feature is invaluable for businesses and individuals looking to increase their online presence and reach a wider audience through organic search.


Template Variety

Template variety addresses the diverse needs of users by offering a wide range of design themes and layouts. Whether it's a portfolio, corporate website, blog, or e-commerce platform, the AI HTML template generator provides multiple options catering to various niches and industries. This feature ensures that users can find a starting point that closely matches their vision, further enhancing the customization process. It makes the design process more efficient and allows users to deploy professionally-looking websites quickly.


Continuous Updates and Support

Continuous updates and support are essential for keeping websites up to date with the latest web standards and technologies. This feature ensures that the AI HTML template generator itself is regularly updated, introducing new features, design options, and improvements. It also includes access to customer support for resolving any technical issues. This ongoing commitment to updates and support helps users maintain modern, fully-functional websites that leverage the latest web innovations, ensuring longevity and relevance in the fast-paced digital world.

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Daniel Blechynden

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The initial website design theme, utilizing the most recent Bootstrap 5 framework, has just been launched by the AI-driven HTML template creator.

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This is an outstanding tool designed for everyone to create stunning websites effortlessly using intuitive drag-and-drop designs available for immediate use. It's completely free, allowing you to begin at no cost today.

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User Reviews

I opted for this AI HTML template generator after hearing about its intuitive design capabilities and was not disappointed. The selection of templates catered perfectly to my industry, allowing me to craft a unique website effortlessly. Initially, I was concerned about how to incorporate e-commerce elements seamlessly, but the AI offered smart suggestions that integrated these features naturally into my site. The live preview function was a boon, offering real-time updates as I tweaked the design. However, navigating the AI's vast options was overwhelming at first, and a more streamlined guidance system for beginners would be appreciated. Overall, the blend of creativity and ease of use has made this tool a standout for me. - Michael S.

My journey with this AI HTML template generator was motivated by the need for a hands-off approach to design without sacrificing uniqueness. The AI's ability to understand and apply my preferences saved me considerable time. Questions did arise regarding SEO optimization, but the AI offered insightful tips and adjustments to enhance my site's visibility. The versatility in templates was impressive, though the customization options could be daunting for those not tech-savvy. The major downside was the occasional lag in the AI's response time, which could disrupt the creative flow. Nevertheless, the end product was a professionally looking site that resonated with my brand's identity. - Julia C.

As a complete novice in web design, the AI HTML template generator seemed like a godsend. Its promise of simplifying the web creation process with AI technology was what drew me in. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface made it easy to add, remove, and customize elements without needing to know any coding. However, I did face challenges with integrating third-party APIs, prompting me to seek help from the support team, who were thankfully very responsive. On the downside, the AI occasionally made design suggestions that didn't align with my vision, requiring manual adjustments. Despite these hiccups, I successfully launched a visually appealing site that exceeded my expectations. - Connor M.

I was in search of an efficient solution to redesign my website when I stumbled upon this AI HTML template generator. Its promise of leveraging artificial intelligence to craft bespoke templates piqued my interest. The feature that stood out to me was the AI's ability to analyze my content and suggest the most fitting layout and design elements, which felt like magic. However, I encountered some confusion when trying to import existing content into the new template, a process which could have been made clearer. The pros definitely outweigh the cons; the platform significantly reduced my website's development time while allowing me to maintain a high level of customization. - Elena T.

Choosing this AI HTML template generator was driven by the need to create a dynamic and responsive website quickly. The AI's ability to generate a tailor-made template from just a few inputs about my business was truly innovative. I admired how the generator anticipated design needs according to the content type, significantly streamlining the design process. However, I did find the range of design aesthetics a bit limited, especially for more niche markets. The AI's suggestions for color schemes and fonts were generally on point, though occasionally I felt the need for more granular control over these aspects. Importantly, the simplicity of the interface made even the more complex functionalities accessible to a beginner like me. - Tony B.

Started my website creation journey using an AI HTML template generator which seemed daunting at first. However, the intuitive interface and rich library of templates simplified the process. I primarily used Adobe Dreamweaver for editing which allowed me to customize templates extensively. One challenge was adapting the AI-generated code to be more SEO-friendly, which required learning more about meta tags and keyword implementation. Ultimately, I crafted a professional-looking site that significantly boosted my online presence. - Emily S.

With no prior experience in web development, I turned to Mobirise after reading about its ease of use for beginners. The drag-and-drop feature coupled with the AI HTML template generator was a game-changer. It allowed me to select, customize, and deploy my website in no time. The challenge was understanding responsive design, but Mobirise’s pre-made blocks made it easier. I was thrilled with the clean, mobile-friendly website I was able to launch. - Michael B.

I embarked on creating an e-commerce site and decided to use an AI HTML template generator for the task. Integrating payment gateways and customizing the checkout process were my main challenges. I leveraged Bootstrap for responsive design and jQuery for client-side scripting, which enhanced the site's interactivity. The generator's AI component significantly sped up the layout design. After overcoming the steep learning curve associated with e-commerce functionalities, I successfully launched a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing online store. - Julia C.

I turned to Mobirise and its AI HTML template generator to redesign our nonprofit’s website. The ease of importing our existing content and the wide array of pre-designed blocks saved countless hours. The main hurdle was customizing elements to adhere to our brand guidelines, which required dabbling with CSS. Thanks to Mobirise, we now have a site that’s both visually appealing and functional, significantly improving our online engagement. - Tony F.

As a freelance photographer, my website is crucial for attracting clients. Opting for an AI HTML template generator allowed me to focus on my work rather than coding. The tool I used offered an impressive selection of visual-heavy templates, perfect for showcasing photography. Learning to integrate an interactive gallery was challenging but rewarding. The result was a stunning, professional-looking website that perfectly represents my style and has significantly increased my bookings. - Kevin M.

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The AI HTML template generator is a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline the creation of web pages by automating the generation of HTML code. Utilizing advanced algorithms, it analyses user input—ranging from simple design preferences to specific content requirements—to produce fully responsive, aesthetically pleasing HTML templates. The tool supports a broad spectrum of web development needs, from basic blogs to sophisticated ecommerce sites, ensuring compatibility across various devices and browsers. It helps both novice and professional developers save time, enhance productivity, and maintain code quality. Enhance your web development process by downloading the AI HTML template generator for Windows or Mac using the buttons below, or try the AI for an immediate experience.

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 Discover the secrets to crafting visually appealing websites with our AI HTML template generator by watching the video below. This tutorial will guide you through each step, showing you how to effortlessly integrate aesthetics and functionality using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Elevate your web design skills and captivate your audience now.


What is an AI HTML template generator?

An AI HTML template generator is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to design and produce HTML website templates automatically. It helps in creating web pages quickly without the need for manual coding, providing various design options based on user preferences and current web standards.

How does an AI HTML template generator work?

An AI HTML template generator works by understanding user inputs and preferences through natural language processing or selection options. It then applies machine learning algorithms to generate a design that matches these inputs, considering best practices in web design and user experience.

What features should a good AI HTML template generator have?

A good AI HTML template generator should offer customization options, responsive design templates, a wide variety of themes and layouts, SEO-friendly code, easy integration with web development tools, and the ability to preview designs before finalizing.

Can AI HTML template generators completely replace human designers?

While AI HTML template generators can significantly speed up the design process and handle many aspects of web design, they are not likely to completely replace human designers. Human creativity, understanding of complex requirements, and ability to make nuanced design decisions are aspects that AI currently cannot replicate fully.

Why is Mobirise considered a great option for an AI HTML template generator?

Mobirise is considered a great option because it combines user-friendly interfaces with advanced AI technology to offer a wide range of high-quality, customizable templates. It also provides features like drag-and-drop editing, responsive design, and extensive integration options, making it accessible for both beginners and professional developers.

How can beginners start using an AI HTML template generator like Mobirise?

Beginners can start using an AI HTML template generator like Mobirise by first experimenting with its built-in templates and drag-and-drop features to get familiar with the tool. It's also helpful to watch tutorial videos, participate in community forums, and take advantage of customer support to learn best practices and troubleshoot any issues.

Choosing the right AI HTML template generator

  • Mobirise Mobirise stands out as an exceptional AI HTML template generator primarily because it is free, requires no coding, and utilizes artificial intelligence to simplify website design. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it incredibly user-friendly, offering a broad array of customizable templates suitable for various needs. Users appreciate its flexibility in creating responsive websites quickly without compromising on quality. The platform is especially cost-effective for beginners and small businesses aiming for professional-looking sites. While it offers extensive features for a free tool, advanced users might find it slightly limiting compared to more sophisticated, paid alternatives.
  • Wix ADI Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is designed to make website creation as simple as answering a few questions. This platform uses AI to automatically generate a website tailored to your specific needs, including text, images, and layout. The ease of use is remarkable, making it ideal for beginners. However, while it's incredibly user-friendly and flexible, some users may find the AI-generated results somewhat generic. The cost can also escalate with the addition of premium features. In terms of an AI HTML template generator, it presents a good balance between functionality and creativity, with the main drawback being less control over the final design compared to traditional Wix editor.
  • Squarespace Squarespace is known for its sleek templates and user-friendly website builder, which, while not primarily AI-driven, incorporates AI elements in its design process. It offers robust features for both website creation and e-commerce, making it a versatile choice. Squarespace stands out for its design-focused templates and ease of use, with a slightly higher price point reflecting its premium positioning. It’s particularly praised for its excellent customer support and comprehensive set of features. However, compared to a dedicated AI HTML template generator, it might offer less automation in the design process, leaning more on user input for customization.
  • Bookmark Bookmark harnesses the power of AI through its AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant), which promises to build a personalized website in minutes. It’s highly user-friendly, appealing to novices without sacrificing the depth of customization experienced users look for. The platform’s ease of use and the AI's ability to understand user preferences quickly set it apart. However, its template variety can be limited compared to competitors. In terms of cost-effectiveness, Bookmark offers a free plan with basic features, making it an attractive option for small projects or personal sites, though advanced features require a paid plan.
  • The Grid The Grid leverages AI to streamline the web design process, focusing on creating sites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for engagement. It promises a hands-off website creation experience, where the AI considers content, layout, and color schemes. While The Grid offers a unique approach, the level of customization and control might feel restrictive to some users who prefer to have more input in the design process. Its subscription model can be cost-effective, considering the technology involved, but the outcomes can sometimes be unpredictable, making it a less reliable choice for users seeking a very specific aesthetic or functionality.
  • Zyro Zyro utilizes AI to offer a streamlined website-building experience, with tools like AI Writer and AI Heatmap providing unique insights into content creation and layout optimization. It's known for its simplicity and speed, making it a good option for users looking to get online quickly. While its template selection is somewhat limited, each template is fully responsive and professionally designed. Zyro balances cost-effectiveness with functionality, offering competitive pricing plans. However, users seeking high levels of customization might find Zyro's options somewhat restricted compared to more advanced platforms.
  • Jimdo Jimdo employs a unique Dolphin AI to assist users in creating websites through a series of questions about their needs and preferences. This results in a personalized website that, while easy to set up, might lack the depth of customization more advanced users desire. It's particularly suited for small businesses or individuals seeking a straightforward, minimal-effort website. Pricing is reasonable, with a free plan available, but limitations apply as you scale up. While Jimdo provides a great starting point for beginners, it may not offer the comprehensive features or flexibility required by larger, more complex projects.
  • TemplateMonster's AI Website Builder TemplateMonster's AI Website Builder is focused on giving users a quick start with pre-designed templates that adapt based on AI suggestions. It’s designed to streamline the web design process, making it significantly easier for users without technical skills. This platform offers a wide variety of templates and customization options, though it leans more on pre-defined designs than generating unique ones from scratch. It's fairly cost-effective, with different pricing tiers to accommodate various needs. While it offers a robust set of tools for building websites, it may not provide the same level of AI-driven design intuition as some of the more advanced, AI-specific alternatives.

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