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Multiple AI templates

AI design software revolutionizes web development with its vast library of over 9,500 impressive website blocks across free and premium themes. These pre-made AI website themes and page templates span diverse sectors, bridging the gap between life and business. Inspired by the latest trends in web design, they offer extensive customization possibilities, allowing users to tailor their online presence precisely to their needs with ease and efficiency.


How to make websites with AI design software?

1. Download AI Design Software

Begin by downloading the AI design software suitable for your operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux) or opt for the online version if preferred. This initial step is crucial as it equips you with the required tools to start your design journey, ensuring the software is compatible with your device for a seamless design experience.

2. Start With AI

Initiate your website creation by engaging with the AI feature of the design software. This involves feeding in your website's basic information, preferences, and objectives. The AI will then process this data to suggest a customized website template, marking the beginning of your design process with an intelligent layout tailored to your needs.

3. Customize Your Design

After receiving the AI-generated template, the next step is to customize the design according to your specific requirements. This may involve adjusting the color scheme, font styles, and layout elements. Utilize the software's design tools to tweak the template, ensuring that your website's appearance aligns with your brand identity and appeals to your target audience.

4. Add Content

Content is king in website creation. Therefore, proceed to populate your website with relevant content, including text, images, and videos. Ensure that the content is engaging, informative, and well-organized. Utilize the software’s content management features to efficiently lay out your content, keeping in mind SEO practices to enhance your site's visibility on search engines.

5. Integrate Functionalities

To enhance your website's usability, integrate essential functionalities like contact forms, social media links, e-commerce capabilities, or reservation systems, depending on your specific needs. Use the software's plugins or widgets to easily add these features. This step is crucial for providing a smooth user experience and facilitating interactions between your website and its visitors.

6. Preview, Test, and Publish

Before making your website live, take the time to preview and thoroughly test all its functionalities across different devices and browsers to ensure a flawless user experience. Check for any broken links, loading issues, or responsiveness problems. Once satisfied, proceed to publish your site, making it accessible to the public. Regularly update and maintain your website for optimal performance.

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Development Сompany
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Web Saas App Demo
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Edit locally and publish wherever

Opt for flexibility when publishing your website; choose between a local drive, FTP, an * address, or your own custom domain. This diversity ensures you're not confined to a single platform or dependent solely on one service provider. By embracing this approach, the control of your site rests entirely in your hands, empowering you to make decisions that best suit your needs without external limitations.

Start selling online

Revolutionize your website by incorporating cutting-edge e-commerce functionalities through the Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions. These tools allow seamless integration of a shopping platform into your existing site, enabling the effortless management of dynamic product cards. Experience a streamlined ordering process as customer purchases are directly sent to your WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, ensuring a smooth transaction flow from browsing to buying, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience on your platform.

Get social

In today's digital era, enhancing your website with social feed extensions is a must. By integrating your Instagram or Facebook posts directly, you not only keep your audience engaged but also maintain a lively and updated presence. Similarly, showcasing your latest TikTok dances or YouTube tutorials brings a dynamic flair to your site, allowing visitors to connect with your content across multiple platforms seamlessly. This strategy enriches the user experience, making your website a vibrant hub for your digital persona.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensuring your customers can effortlessly access your services via their mobile devices is paramount. Websites designed using the app inherently support mobile functionality, aligning with Google's preference for mobile-friendly platforms. This characteristic not only enhances user experience but also elevates your site's ranking on Google. By prioritizing mobile optimization, you significantly enhance the visibility and accessibility of your services, meeting modern consumers' expectations for convenience and efficiency.

View and edit website code

For websites demanding intricate customization, the Code Editor extension is essential. It enables direct manipulation of HTML/CSS, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments and a personal touch. This tool also supports the integration of external plugins, expanding the site's functionality. Additionally, users can design original HTML blocks, crafting unique elements tailored to their specific needs. This extension empowers creators to shape their website's identity and functionality precisely, without constraints.

Key AI design software features


AI Generation

AI generation in design software represents the pinnacle of automation, offering tools that can create complex designs, imagery, or patterns using artificial intelligence. This feature allows for the generation of highly unique and creative outputs that can significantly speed up the design process. It enables designers to explore a multitude of options quickly, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. As AI learns from vast amounts of data, it can suggest designs based on current trends, user preferences, or even generate something entirely new, making it an indispensable tool for modern design workflows.


Export and Publish Anywhere

The ability to export and publish designs anywhere is a fundamental feature of AI design software that significantly enhances its utility and flexibility. This feature allows designers to effortlessly save their creations in various formats suited for different platforms, be it for print, web, or mobile applications. Moreover, direct integration with online platforms enables one-click publishing, streamlining the process of sharing work with clients or on social media. This level of convenience and efficiency ensures that designs can reach the intended audience in the right format, without the need for cumbersome conversions or compatibility checks, making the design process smoother and more productive.


Offline Mode

Offline mode in AI design software is a critical feature for ensuring accessibility and flexibility. It allows users to continue their design work without an internet connection, making the software reliable in all circumstances. This is particularly useful in situations where internet access is unreliable or unavailable, such as during travel or in remote locations. Having the ability to work offline ensures that productivity is not hindered by external factors, and all changes are seamlessly synced once an internet connection is restored. This feature emphasizes the software's commitment to user convenience and uninterrupted creative flow.


Comprehensive Template Library

The presence of a comprehensive template library in AI design software is a boon for designers seeking inspiration or a jumpstart on their projects. This feature provides access to a wide array of professionally designed templates that span various industries and design types, allowing users to quickly select and customize a starting point for their work. Templates are not only time-savers; they also serve as learning tools for understanding the fundamentals of design composition. The library is often updated with new templates to keep up with trends and user needs, ensuring a fresh and relevant selection.


Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration is a transformative feature of AI design software that facilitates teamwork by allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously from different locations. This feature streamlines the design process by enabling instant feedback and revisions, significantly reducing the time taken to finalize designs. It fosters a dynamic work environment where ideas and suggestions are shared freely, enhancing creativity and productivity. Real-time collaboration is especially beneficial for remote teams and freelancers working together on projects, ensuring that everyone stays aligned and can contribute efficiently, regardless of geographical barriers.


Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Seamless integration with other tools is essential in AI design software, enabling a fluid workflow across different applications and services. This feature allows designers to import and export data effortlessly between various programs, be it project management tools, content management systems, or other design software. Integration streamlines the design process by consolidating all necessary tools into one cohesive system, minimizing the need to switch between applications and thereby reducing workflow disruptions. This interconnectedness ensures that designers can work more efficiently, maintaining focus on creativity rather than juggling multiple platforms.


Advanced Editing Tools

Advanced editing tools are a cornerstone of AI design software, offering unparalleled control and flexibility over the creative process. These tools are powered by AI algorithms that can automate tedious tasks, suggest improvements, and allow for fine-tuning details with precision. From vector editing capabilities to complex image manipulation, the advanced tools cater to both novice users and seasoned professionals. They enable the exploration of creative boundaries, ensuring that every piece of work can be refined to meet the highest standards. With these tools, designers can focus on bringing their vision to life, backed by software that understands and facilitates their craft.


Learning Resources and Community

Having access to learning resources and a community is invaluable in AI design software, providing users with the support and knowledge necessary to maximize their software use. This feature includes tutorials, how-to guides, forums, and community-driven content that helps new users master the software and allows seasoned professionals to stay updated with the latest features and techniques. A supportive community fosters a space for sharing insights, asking questions, and receiving feedback, enhancing the learning curve and encouraging continuous improvement. This collaborative environment nurtures both personal growth and the evolution of design practices, making it indispensable for users at all levels.

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What experts say

Ever found yourself in the shower, struck by a brilliant idea, only for it to slip away as quickly as it came? I'm here to emphasize that documenting your Ideas, Thoughts, and Dreams in is crucial. This platform offers you the tools to swiftly bring to life anything from a landing page, a blog, to a portfolio, all within moments.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your expertise, this tool will empower you to create the website you've always envisioned. Its straightforward drag-and-drop interface is perfectly suited for those just starting out.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it resembles a construction made from a diverse collection of Lego bricks... Develop websites that shine in the mobile domain!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in web design seek my advice for a completely free website creation tool, this particular builder has earned a top spot on my suggestion list. Its performance has genuinely wowed me. Initially, I anticipated encountering a few glitches, maybe a non-functioning feature or a page component that responds sluggishly. However, my experience was flawless. Utilizing it felt effortlessly smooth.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Searching for a site that's optimized for mobile, designed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and enhanced for search engine visibility – all while keeping your wallet untouched? Behold, your solution is here, at no cost. Cheers!

Mark Gibbs


Individuals in search of an efficient, yet easy-to-use web creation tool will find it valuable. This tool offers a sophisticated block-based design interface, impressive built-in functionalities, and a variety of appealing, high-quality themes, making it highly appealing.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The inaugural website template, crafted by AI design tools, leverages the most recent Bootstrap 5 framework.

Bloomberg Business


This incredible platform empowers everyone to create stunning websites effortlessly through intuitive drag-and-drop designs, immediately available at no cost. You can begin without spending anything.

Ray The Video Guy

AI-powered website creation tools offer an innovative approach for crafting websites that perform seamlessly and quickly on both mobile and desktop devices. This technology stands out as one of the simplest methods for developing websites.

Alex Ivanovs


...essentially a courteous manner of exclaiming 'Praise be!' for the ability to create websites that would normally necessitate programming know-how despite lacking coding abilities.

Roger Hollings


As an innovator in its field, this platform democratizes the use of artificial intelligence for graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators, eliminating the need for them to become proficient in coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly create websites by simply dragging and dropping elements into place, transforming the entire process into a matter of minutes! This stands out as one of the most straightforward software options available for crafting websites.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

I chose this AI design software because of its promise to streamline the website creation process with minimal coding. Initially, I was intrigued by its AI-driven design suggestions, which genuinely helped shape my website's layout. However, the learning curve was steeper than expected, raising questions about how to tweak the AI's design choices effectively. What stood out were the software's intuitive interface and the AI's ability to generate aesthetically pleasing design elements. On the downside, the customization options felt somewhat limited, restricting my creative freedom. Thankfully, the customer support was excellent, providing timely and helpful responses to my queries. - Emily S.

After trying several website builders, I opted for this AI design software for its unique feature of automatically optimizing the website’s layout for different devices. This was a game-changer for me, as mobile responsiveness is crucial. The platform was user-friendly, but I often found myself wondering how to make the AI understand the specific nuances of my brand's aesthetic. Positively, it saved me a lot of time in design creation, and its SEO optimization features were top-notch. However, the AI sometimes generated designs that felt generic, and achieving a truly custom feel required more manual intervention than I hoped. - Marco P.

The primary reason for choosing this builder was its AI-assisted content generation feature, which promised to simplify the web development process. While the AI was impressively adept at generating coherent and relevant content for my site, it occasionally lacked the industry-specific insight needed for my niche. This led me to question the AI's adaptability to different sectors. The software's interface was remarkably easy to navigate, and its design templates were beautifully crafted. One significant downside was the restricted control over more complex website functionalities, which could be a limitation for advanced users seeking comprehensive customization options. - Julia C.

My decision to use this AI design software was based on its promise of creating highly personalized websites through learning user preferences and analyzing user data. The AI’s ability to suggest design modifications was uncannily accurate, reflecting my style preferences. However, I sometimes questioned the privacy implications of such data usage. The ease of use was a significant advantage, making website creation accessible even to novices like myself. The downside was the occasional oversimplification in design choices, potentially leading to similar-looking websites across different users. Despite this, the blend of AI efficiency and user-friendly features made it a worthy tool. - Clara T.

Opting for this AI design software was primarily for its cost-effectiveness and the allure of simplifying the design process using artificial intelligence. The software’s AI provided design recommendations that were generally on point, aiding in a faster setup. However, as my website project grew in complexity, I found the AI's support somewhat lacking, leading to questions about scaling capabilities. On a positive note, the drag-and-drop interface was incredibly user-friendly, and the AI's ability to choose color schemes and fonts was impressively accurate. The primary negative was the sometimes-repetitive design recommendations, which required manual adjustment for uniqueness. - Steven G.

As someone diving into AI for web design for the first time, I opted for Wix's AI platform. The setup was intuitive, guiding me through the design preferences, site layout, and content mapping. Initially, I struggled with customizing AI-generated elements to precisely match my brand, but leveraging the advanced editor made transitions smoother. The AI significantly cut down design time, and I could create a professional-looking site in hours. The seamless integration with Wix's other tools, like their SEO Wiz, also offered a comprehensive toolkit for launching and optimizing the site post-design. While it required a learning curve to perfect the AI collab, the outcome was a sophisticated, personalized website with minimal manual input. - Sam K.

Embarking on the journey of creating my portfolio site, I discovered Mobirise as the most accommodating platform for my limited coding knowledge. The drag-and-drop interface, paired with AI suggestions, helped create a site that looks both professional and unique. The process was not without its challenges; selecting from the vast array of templates was overwhelming, and adapting the design to be truly 'mine' took some tinkering. However, Mobirise's extensive library of pre-built blocks and real-time design adjustments made it manageable. The AI's role in suggesting layouts based on my content type streamlined the creation process. Ultimately, I crafted a responsive and visually appealing website that stands out, testament to Mobirise's flexibility and ease of use. - Julia C.

I ventured into Adobe Spark to bring my digital portfolio to life, seeking a platform with rich design features and straightforward usability. The AI-enhanced templates significantly accelerated the initial setup, allowing me to focus on custom content integration. My main hurdle was navigating the AI's design suggestions to maintain a cohesive look that felt true to my style. By extensively using the customization options and occasionally wrestling with the software to override some AI recommendations, I achieved a balanced, visually engaging website. Adobe Spark's assets library enriched the site further, though mastering its UI took patience. The result was a platform that not only showcased my work but also reflected my aesthetic vision authentically. - Marco P.

Taking on the project of launching an e-commerce site, I found Shopify's AI tools indispensable. From auto-generating product descriptions to recommending layout designs based on industry trends, the AI components significantly eased the setup process. The integration of AI with Shopify's robust e-commerce features allowed me to focus more on product and less on design intricacies. Despite Shopify's streamlined approach, customizing the AI-recommended templates to fit my unique brand identity was challenging and required dabbling with HTML and CSS. Nevertheless, I successfully launched a visually compelling and functional e-commerce site that started generating sales within a week. The seamless blend of AI insights and Shopify's e-commerce ecosystem proved powerful for my business startup. - Tina F.

Returning to website creation after a hiatus, I was pleasantly surprised by Mobirise and its AI-driven approach. The simplicity of the drag-and-drop interface, combined with AI's design suggestions, made the process enjoyable rather than tedious. However, achieving a truly bespoke feel required diving deeper into Mobirise's site settings and experimenting with design options, which posed a slight learning curve. The real achievement was Mobirise's ability to bridge the gap between ease of use and the customization depth needed for my project. It excellently balanced AI-generated content with user control, allowing me to produce a site that resonated well with my audience and was ready to launch in record time. - Nathan D.

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The AI design software harnesses advanced machine learning algorithms to streamline the creative process, enabling designers to rapidly generate, refine, and implement visual assets with unprecedented precision and efficiency. Utilizing a robust database of design components, the software can autonomously create layouts, suggest color schemes, and adapt to the user's unique style preferences over time. It facilitates seamless collaboration between team members, offers real-time feedback, and integrates effortlessly with existing design tools. Equipped with an intuitive interface, it caters to both novice and professional designers. Elevate your design workflow by downloading the AI design software for Windows or Mac using the buttons below or explore its capabilities by trying AI.

View in Action

 Watch the video below for insights on creating captivating websites using AI design software. Discover step-by-step guidance on utilizing innovative tools for building aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interfaces. This tutorial delves into the essentials of AI-assisted design, ensuring your site stands out in the digital landscape. Ideal for both beginners and experienced designers.


What is AI Design Software?

AI Design Software refers to computer programs that use artificial intelligence technologies to facilitate, improve, or automate the process of designing. This can include anything from graphic design, web design, product design, and more. These tools can generate design elements, suggest improvements, and automate repetitive tasks.

How does AI Design Software benefit designers?

AI Design Software benefits designers by increasing efficiency, providing design inspiration, automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, offering personalized design suggestions, and enabling users to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their projects. It can also significantly speed up the design process and reduce the margin for error.

Can beginners use AI Design Software effectively?

Yes, beginners can effectively use AI Design Software. Many AI design tools are built with user-friendly interfaces that cater to users of all skill levels. These tools often come with tutorials, templates, and drag-and-drop functionalities which make it easy for beginners to start designing with minimal learning curve.

What types of design can be created with AI Design Software?

AI Design Software can be used to create a wide range of designs, including but not limited to, web design, graphic design, product design, interior design, fashion design, and even 3D modeling. The capabilities of the software depend on the tools and features provided by the individual AI design application.

Is Mobirise considered AI Design Software?

Mobirise is primarily known as a website builder that allows users to create websites with a drag-and-drop interface. While it may not be marketed directly as AI Design Software, it incorporates AI elements to simplify web design processes, making it an excellent option for users looking for easy yet effective design solutions.

How do I choose the right AI Design Software for my needs?

Choosing the right AI Design Software involves considering several factors such as ease of use, specific functionalities, the type of design work you're involved in, compatibility with other tools, and of course, the cost. It's also important to evaluate the software's learning resources, community support, and the quality of designs it can produce. Trying out demos or free versions can greatly help in making an informed decision.

Choosing the right AI design software

  • Mobirise Mobirise stands out as a user-friendly AI design software renowned for its no-code, drag-and-drop interface that makes web development accessible to everyone. It’s free to use, offering a wide range of responsive design blocks, website templates, and themes embodying modern web design principles. The AI components of Mobirise simplify the design process, enabling users to create professional-looking websites with minimal effort. It boasts a high degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice for newbies and professionals alike seeking a balance between simplicity and functionality. The main cons include a reliance on local storage for projects and limited advanced features for complex site development.
  • Adobe Photoshop AI Adobe Photoshop AI extends the capabilities of the traditional Photoshop with AI-powered tools, offering advanced image editing, graphic design, and photo manipulation features. It caters to professionals requiring fine control over design elements. This software's neural filters and AI automate complex processes, enhancing creativity and efficiency. Although it has a steep learning curve and comes with a subscription cost, its unparalleled flexibility and depth justify the expense for many users. However, its complexity and cost might deter casual users and beginners looking for a more straightforward, cost-effective solution.
  • Canva Canva brings design capabilities to the masses with an intuitive, web-based platform enhanced by AI features, like design suggestions and photo editing tools. It’s perfect for non-designers looking to create professional-looking graphics and layouts. It offers a freemium model, making it cost-effective for basic use, with paid plans unlocking more advanced features. While it’s incredibly user-friendly and flexible, catering to a variety of design needs, it might not satisfy those seeking the detail-oriented customization that more advanced software provides. The main downside is that professional designers might find its features somewhat limiting.
  • Sketch Sketch focuses on digital design, offering vector-based tools tailored for web, mobile, and interface design. Favored by professionals for its precision and collaborative features, it lacks direct AI-driven functionalities but integrates well with third-party plugins to enhance its capabilities. It’s a Mac-only software, which limits its accessibility but provides an optimized experience for Apple users. Sketch offers a cost-effective, flat-fee license which is appealing for teams and individual users. However, its platform restriction and lack of native AI tools may be viewed as disadvantages compared to other more versatile and AI-integrated design tools.
  • Figma Figma is a cloud-based UI/UX design tool that impresses with its collaborative capabilities, allowing teams to work together in real time. While not an AI design software per se, its innovative use of technology streamlines the design process, making it highly effective for creating interactive prototypes and designs. Figma is accessible across platforms and offers a freemium model, which is cost-effective for individuals and small teams. Its ease of use and flexibility are commendable; however, it may not offer the in-depth AI design features that other specialized software provides. The main downside is potentially limited offline functionality.
  • GPT-3 by OpenAI GPT-3, while primarily an by OpenAI, has been utilized in the design domain for generating content, automating ideation, and enhancing user experience through conversational interfaces. Its application in design software leverages AI to facilitate creative processes, though it requires integration into existing tools. As a leading-edge AI technology, GPT-3 offers tremendous flexibility and innovation potential but comes with cost considerations for access to the API and computational resources. Its complexity and requirement for technical expertise can be seen as drawbacks for those without programming knowledge.
  • Autodesk Tinkercad Autodesk Tinkercad is an online 3D modeling program that incorporates simple, block-based building concepts and beginner-level CAD tools, making it ideal for hobbyists, educators, and students interested in 3D design and printing. While not focused on AI design specifically, its ease of use and free access make it a popular choice for introducing users to the principles of design and 3D modeling. Its simplicity, however, might limit advanced users looking for more comprehensive features and control over their designs. The platform is highly educational but might not meet the needs of professional designers seeking advanced AI integration.
  • Adobe Illustrator AI Adobe Illustrator AI harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance graphic design through features like auto-tracing, color matching, and intelligent shape recognition. It’s aimed at professionals needing detailed vector graphics and illustrations. This software delivers precision and sophisticated design capabilities, supported by Adobe’s Creative Cloud ecosystem. The AI aspects streamline tasks, improving productivity and creative potential. However, its subscription model and complexity might intimidate beginners and casual users. Illustrator offers flexibility and powerful tools for design professionals but is less cost-effective for those with occasional design needs or without the budget for ongoing software subscriptions.

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