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Multiple AI templates

AI HTML Designer provides an expansive collection of ready-to-use AI website themes and templates, suitable for a diverse array of sectors in both life and business contexts. With over 9500 attractive website blocks available in both free and premium themes, as well as page templates, users can effortlessly find designs that resonate with the latest web design trends. Each template offers a wealth of customization options, allowing for the creation of unique and engaging websites.


How to make websites with AI HTML designer?

1. Downloading the App or Opening the Online Version

The initial step to creating a website using the AI HTML designer is to get the application on your Mac, Windows, or Linux device. If you prefer not to download, you can simply access the online version. This versatility ensures that regardless of your operating system, you have the means to start your website creation journey effortlessly.

2. Starting with AI

Once the application is set up or the online version is accessed, the next step is to initiate the AI capabilities of the tool. By starting with AI, you leverage advanced algorithms to guide you through the design process, making recommendations and automating tasks to ensure efficiency and a professional outcome for your website's design and layout.

3. Choosing a Template

With the AI initialized, you'll proceed by selecting a template. The AI HTML designer offers a diverse range of templates tailored to various industries and preferences. Choosing a template provides a solid foundation for your website, ensuring you have a professionally designed layout that can be customized further to match your specific needs and branding.

4. Customizing the Template

After selecting a template, the next step involves customization. Utilize the AI HTML designer’s tools to adjust colors, fonts, layouts, and more. This stage is crucial as it allows you to infuse the template with your brand’s personality, ensuring the final website reflects your vision accurately. The AI's suggestions can further refine aesthetics and usability during this process.

5. Adding Content

With the template customized to your liking, it's time to add content to your website. Incorporate text, images, videos, and other elements that convey your message and showcase your products or services. The AI HTML designer can assist in optimizing content placement for user experience and SEO, ensuring your website is engaging and reachable.

6. Launching Your Website

The final step is to launch your website. Before doing so, perform a thorough review, checking for any errors and ensuring it is fully responsive across all devices. Utilize the AI HTML designer tools for final optimizations and corrections. Once satisfied, use the platform’s publishing feature to make your site live. Congratulations! Your website is now accessible to the world.

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Development Сompany
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Web Saas App Demo
Family Dentistry
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Edit locally and publish wherever

Opt for versatility in publishing your website by choosing between a local drive, FTP, *, or even by linking a custom domain. Avoid being tethered to a singular platform or service provider. Embrace the autonomy of managing your website, ensuring it remains entirely under your control. This flexibility guarantees that your digital presence is truly yours, allowing for modifications and hosting decisions that best align with your vision and needs.

Start selling online

Elevate your website by incorporating cutting-edge e-commerce functions through Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions. Seamlessly add a shopping feature to your site, facilitating the administration of dynamic product cards effortlessly. Experience the convenience as orders directly populate your WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, streamlining your sales process and enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers, all with just a few clicks.

Get social

Incorporate diverse social feed extensions into your website to create a vibrant, dynamic experience. By adding your Instagram or Facebook posts directly to your site, visitors can seamlessly connect with your day-to-day moments. Simultaneously, showcasing your newest TikTok creations or latest YouTube videos enriches your content, keeping users engaged and entertained. This integration bridges the gap between social platforms and your website, offering a continuous stream of fresh, captivating content for your audience.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensuring your services are easily accessible on mobile devices is essential in today's digital age. By designing websites with an app-first mentality, they inherently become mobile-friendly. This compatibility is not only a convenience for users but also favorable in the eyes of Google. Websites optimized for mobile use receive a positive nod from the search giant, significantly boosting their ranking. This approach guarantees a smoother user experience while enhancing your site's visibility on the web.

View and edit website code

For websites that demand intricate personalization, employing the Code Editor extension is instrumental. This powerful tool enables users to directly manipulate the HTML/CSS, leading to precise control over the site's appearance and functionality. Moreover, it permits the integration of external plugins, enhancing the website's capabilities. Additionally, creators can design unique HTML blocks from the ground up, ensuring a truly customized online presence that stands out in the digital landscape.

Key AI HTML designer features


AI Generation

The AI HTML designer leverages advanced artificial intelligence to automatically generate beautiful, responsive web designs. This feature enables users to create professional-looking websites without needing extensive coding knowledge. By simply providing some basic preferences and content, the AI algorithm can propose a variety of design options, making the web development process faster and more accessible to non-experts.


Export and Publish Anywhere

Once you're satisfied with the AI-generated design, the ability to export and publish your site anywhere provides unparalleled flexibility. This feature supports various formats and platforms, enabling effortless integration with hosting services or inclusion in existing projects. Whether you aim to deploy your site on a personal server, integrate it into a more extensive platform, or simply share it across social networks, this capability ensures your website can reach your audience, wherever they may be.


Offline Mode

Understanding the need for accessibility and convenience, the AI HTML designer includes an offline mode, allowing users to continue their web design endeavors without an internet connection. This feature is crucial for those working in remote or internet-unstable environments, ensuring that productivity remains unhindered. Design changes are saved locally and can be synchronized with the project once an internet connection is re-established, offering a seamless design experience across different working conditions.


Intuitive Design Interface

The AI HTML designer boasts an intuitive design interface that simplifies the web development process. With drag-and-drop functionality, real-time previews, and easy-access to a wide range of design elements, users can quickly bring their vision to life. The interface is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced developers, making web design more accessible and less time-consuming. This user-friendly approach allows for a fluid creative process, enabling users to effortlessly experiment with different aesthetics and functionalities.


Enhanced Security Features

The AI HTML designer is equipped with enhanced security features to protect your website from potential threats. These features include robust encryption, secure code generation, and the ability to integrate with leading security protocols. With the rise of cyber threats, having a tool that prioritizes the security of your website and its users is critical. This ensures that your site remains safe from malicious attacks, safeguarding your content and user data, thus fostering trust with your audience.


Speed Optimization

In today’s fast-paced digital world, website speed is paramount. The AI HTML designer incorporates speed optimization features that ensure your website loads quickly, providing a smooth user experience across various devices and networks. By optimizing images, minifying code, and leveraging modern web technologies, the AI ensures your site remains fast and efficient, reducing bounce rates and improving search engine rankings. This feature is invaluable for maintaining competitive edge and keeping visitors engaged.


Mobile Responsiveness

With the increasing prevalence of mobile internet users, ensuring your website is optimized for mobile devices is crucial. The AI HTML designer automatically generates mobile-responsive designs, ensuring your site looks and functions seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This feature adjusts layout, font sizes, and images to fit various screen sizes, providing an optimal browsing experience for mobile users. Mobile responsiveness not only enhances user experience but also contributes to higher search engine rankings, making it an essential feature for modern web design.


Customizable Templates

The AI HTML designer offers a range of customizable templates that serve as a solid starting point for your web design project. These templates are designed by professionals and cater to various industries and styles. Users can select a template that closely matches their vision and customize it to suit their specific needs. From layout adjustments to color schemes and font styles, the customizability ensures that each website can be unique and tailored to represent the brand’s identity fully. This feature greatly reduces development time and allows for rapid deployment of professional-looking sites.


Real-time Collaboration

Facilitating teamwork and streamlining the design process, the AI HTML designer supports real-time collaboration. This feature allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously from different locations. Team members can make instant edits, provide feedback, and share ideas in real time, significantly improving productivity and reducing the time it takes to finalize designs. Whether working with a distributed team or simply seeking input from colleagues, the real-time collaboration feature ensures that everyone is on the same page, making the design process more dynamic and inclusive.

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Dive into the world of effortless website creation, where beautiful, swift designs come to life without a single line of code. With a vast library of website blocks at your disposal, drag and drop to customize to your heart's content. All this, completely free and available for immediate download. Enjoy limitless creativity today!

What experts say

Have you ever had a brilliant idea while showering, only for it to slip away as quickly as it arrived? It's time to ensure your inspirations, musings, and aspirations are captured on Regardless of your goal—be it designing a captivating landing page, starting a blog, building a portfolio, or more— is your go-to resource for bringing these visions to life in mere moments.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your expertise, this tool will enable you to create your dream website. Its simplicity and intuitive drag-and-drop interface are perfectly suited for novices.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it resembles a construction made from an array of Lego bricks entirely... Develop websites that shine in the mobile realm!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in website creation seek my advice for a completely cost-free website builder, this particular builder would now rank prominently among my top suggestions. Their excellence has left a significant impression on me. Initially, I anticipated encountering some glitches, maybe a non-cooperative feature or a web component that lags. Yet, to my surprise, I encountered none of these issues. Working with it has been an absolute delight.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Seeking a site that's both mobile-responsive and primed for SEO, crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all without any cost or hassle? Here it is – our gift to you!

Mark Gibbs


Individuals in search of an efficient, yet user-friendly platform for creating websites will find this option appealing. It boasts a sophisticated block-based construction system, an array of impressive built-in functionalities, and a variety of captivating, high-quality themes to choose from, making it highly attractive.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The first web template created by an AI HTML developer, utilizing the newest Bootstrap 5, has been launched.

Bloomberg Business


This outstanding platform enables anyone to create stunning websites effortlessly by utilizing user-friendly, drag-and-drop designs available for immediate use, all at no cost - begin without spending a dime today.

Ray The Video Guy

AI HTML Designer revolutionizes the process of creating websites that perform equally well on both mobile devices and desktop computers. It stands out as one of the simplest solutions for web design.

Alex Ivanovs


...essentially serves as an exuberant expression of gratitude for the ability to create websites, which would typically necessitate programming expertise, without possessing any coding abilities.

Roger Hollings


As a trailblazer in its field, this tool is democratizing AI for graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web developers, eliminating the need for them to become proficient in coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly construct websites by simply dragging and dropping blocks! Undoubtedly, this software presents the most straightforward approach to website creation.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

I was on the lookout for a website builder that could accommodate my unique design needs without requiring a deep dive into coding. The AI HTML designer caught my eye because of its promise to simplify the web design process. Initially, my main question was whether it could truly translate my rough ideas into polished web pages. Impressively, the AI was adept at understanding my inputs and crafting pages that aligned with my vision. The real-time editing feature was a game-changer, allowing me to tweak designs on the fly. However, I did encounter a limitation in template variety which slightly hindered my creative freedom. Despite this, the ease of use and efficient design process made it a valuable tool. - Emily S.

Choosing the AI HTML designer was a no-brainer for me because I needed to launch a website quickly without compromising on aesthetic or functionality. My primary concern was whether the AI would be able to interpret my industry-specific needs accurately. Surprisingly, its predictive design suggestions were spot-on, saving me a lot of time. The interface was incredibly user-friendly, making the learning curve almost non-existent. However, I wished for more advanced customization options for e-commerce functions. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, as it drastically reduced my website's time to market. - Marco B.

As a hobbyist designer, the appeal of an AI-driven HTML designer was immense - it promised a blend of automation and creativity. My biggest question was about the extent of creative control I would have. Thankfully, the AI proved to be more of a co-designer, suggesting layouts and colors but always leaving the final decision to me. The ability to upload my own designs for the AI to integrate was a major plus. However, at times, the AI's suggestions felt a bit generic, lacking a personal touch. Nonetheless, the speed at which I could iterate designs was unparalleled. - Jessica D.

Running a small business, I needed a website that could grow with me, but my budget was tight. The AI HTML designer was appealing because it offered a cost-effective solution with its scalable features. My primary concern was whether I'd be able to manage and update the site myself without technical support. The AI not only made initial setup intuitive but its ongoing content suggestion feature was a revelation, ensuring my site stayed fresh with minimal effort. While the positives were numerous, I did find the design options to be somewhat limited compared to more expensive solutions. Yet, for the price, the value delivered was exceptional. - Alan F.

My quest for an innovative web-building solution led me to the AI HTML designer. As a digital artist, I was curious about how well the AI could translate my artistic vision into a functional website. The interactive feedback system where I could dialogue with the AI to refine designs was a standout feature. However, I was concerned about the potential lack of originality in an AI-generated site. While the builder offered remarkable efficiency and ease of use, there were moments when the output felt too templated, lacking the uniqueness I desired. Despite this, the immense time savings and the ability to easily alter designs post-feedback made it a worthwhile tool. - Simone T.

I embarked on creating my first website with little to no coding experience, and the AI HTML designer of my choice was Mobirise. The drag-and-drop interface was a lifesaver, allowing me to customize my site visually without touching a line of code. Integrating multimedia elements and contact forms was straightforward, thanks to the pre-designed blocks. However, I faced challenges with advanced SEO settings and had to seek additional resources. Overall, Mobirise empowered me to launch a professional-looking site in just a few days. - Emily S.

As a front-end developer looking to expedite my workflow, I turned to an AI HTML designer tool integrated with Adobe Dreamweaver. The AI's suggestions for design patterns and code snippets significantly cut down my development time. I was particularly impressed with the ease of converting my visual designs into responsive HTML templates. Nonetheless, the tool's learning curve and occasional inaccuracies in code generation posed a bit of a challenge. It was a balanced mix of automation and manual tweaking, leading to an efficient and satisfying project completion. - Marco T.

My adventure with AI HTML design began when I discovered a tool that utilized GPT-3 for generating website templates from plain English descriptions. The idea of simply describing what I wanted and getting a corresponding HTML structure was fascinating. The tool was incredibly efficient in generating basic layouts and content structures. However, customizing the generated templates to fit specific aesthetic and functional requirements was challenging and required a solid understanding of HTML/CSS. The experience was enlightening, showing the potential of AI in web development but also highlighting the need for human oversight. - Jessica P.

As a small business owner with limited technical expertise, I found Mobirise to be the best option for creating my online storefront. Its user-friendly interface and vast library of templates made the design process enjoyable and straightforward. I was able to integrate an e-commerce platform seamlessly, and the responsive design ensured that my site looked great on all devices. The only hiccup I encountered was customizing the template to match my brand identity precisely, which took some trial and error. Ultimately, Mobirise enabled me to launch a professional, functional website without hiring a developer. - Leon K.

Opting for an AI-powered HTML designer, I used a tool that combined the prowess of artificial intelligence with the flexibility of Bootstrap templates. This combination allowed me to rapidly prototype and iterate on my website design, adapting its layout and functionality based on real-time feedback. While the AI facilitated the process by suggesting design improvements and optimizing for mobile devices, mastering the nuances of Bootstrap was initially a challenge. However, the effort was well worth it, as I ended up with a highly responsive, attractive website that met all of my requirements. - Natalie W.

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The AI HTML Designer is a cutting-edge software program that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the web design process. It intelligently automates the creation of HTML code, making it easier for both beginners and professional developers to build visually appealing websites. Utilizing advanced algorithms, the AI HTML Designer offers suggestions for layout optimization, color scheme, and responsive design, ensuring that websites not only look great but also function perfectly across all devices. Additionally, it incorporates SEO best practices to enhance website visibility. Experience the future of web design by downloading the AI HTML Designer for Windows or Mac using the buttons below, or explore its capabilities firsthand with our AI trial.

View in Action

 Watch the video below to learn more about how to design an attractive website using the AI HTML designer. Discover the essential tools and techniques that can help you create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. From layout to color schemes, this tutorial provides practical guidance for enhancing your web design skills.


What is an AI HTML Designer?

An AI HTML Designer is an artificial intelligence tool designed to automate the web design process. It helps users create web pages by generating HTML code based on user inputs and design preferences, simplifying web development for beginners and saving time for professionals.

How does an AI HTML Designer benefit users?

AI HTML Designers offer several benefits, including speeding up the web design process, reducing the need for in-depth coding knowledge, offering customizable templates for various use cases, and continually learning from user interactions to improve design suggestions over time.

Can beginners use an AI HTML Designer effectively?

Yes, beginners can effectively use an AI HTML Designer as it simplifies the web development process by providing intuitive interfaces, templates, and drag-and-drop features. This makes it easier for users with little to no coding experience to create web pages.

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder designed specifically for users with minimal technical skills. It utilizes both traditional editing and AI capabilities to streamline the website creation process, making it an excellent option for individuals and small businesses looking to develop their online presence efficiently.

How do AI HTML Designers like Mobirise stay updated with the latest web design trends?

AI HTML Designers like Mobirise stay updated with the latest web design trends by using machine learning algorithms that analyze vast amounts of web design data. This helps them to understand current design preferences and incorporate new, trendy templates and design features that users can apply to their websites.

Are websites created with AI HTML Designers SEO-friendly?

Yes, websites created with AI HTML Designers can be SEO-friendly. Many AI web design tools, including Mobirise, incorporate SEO optimization features that help improve a site's visibility on search engines. These may include optimizations for faster loading times, mobile responsiveness, and proper tagging, which are crucial factors in SEO performance.

Choosing the right AI HTML designer

  • Mobirise Mobirise stands out as an exceptional AI HTML builder designed for users who prioritize simplicity and efficiency. Its no-code, drag-and-drop interface makes it incredibly accessible for users of all skill levels. The AI technology within Mobirise auto-generates clean, customizable HTML code, significantly reducing development time. It's free, which adds to its appeal for personal projects, startups, and small businesses. The main drawbacks include a limited set of advanced features for complex site development and reliance on its own hosting service. However, its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to produce responsive websites quickly make it a top choice.
  • Wix ADI Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) offers a unique approach by asking users simple questions and automatically creating a customized website based on their responses. This feature is perfect for users looking for a quick setup with minimal effort. While it provides a decent level of customization, it may not satisfy those who need deep customization options. Costs can escalate with premium features or when scaling. Wix ADI’s ease of use and fast deployment make it attractive, but flexibility and cost concerns might be limiting factors compared to alternatives like Mobirise.
  • WordPress with Elementor AI WordPress, when combined with the Elementor page builder and its AI integrations, becomes a powerful platform for designing AI-driven HTML websites. While WordPress is free, Elementor offers both free and premium versions, where the AI features might come with a cost. This combination offers tremendous flexibility and a wide array of design options, making it suitable for complex projects. However, the learning curve can be steep for beginners, and the cost might grow with premium plugins and themes. While it offers more customizability than Mobirise, it could be more overwhelming for new users.
  • The Grid The Grid utilizes AI to automate website design, adjusting layouts, and content presentation based on the content you provide. It's promoted for its ability to create 'molly,' an AI designer that adapts your site layout in real-time. While innovative, The Grid has faced criticism for producing sites that sometimes lack uniqueness and require manual adjustment. Its subscription model can be costly over time, and it might not offer the same level of control as tools like Mobirise. However, for users interested in AI-driven design adaptability without much intervention, The Grid offers an intriguing alternative.
  • Bookmark Bookmark offers AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant), which promises to build your site in minutes based on your business type and content. It's particularly useful for small businesses looking to establish an online presence quickly. The AI creates a basic layout that you can customize, though advanced designers might find the customization options limited. Costs are reasonable, with free and premium plans, but scaling a site with additional features can become expensive. Bookmark's ease of use and quick setup are significant, but when compared to Mobirise, it lacks in flexibility for more complex designs.
  • Zyro Zyro focuses on simplicity and speed, leveraging AI tools for design, text generation, and image editing. Its interface is incredibly user-friendly, and it promises to deliver a website in minutes. While its AI functionalities reduce the need for design and content creation skills, this might result in less unique websites. Zyro is cost-effective, with affordable pricing plans, making it suitable for those on a tight budget. However, the trade-off is a potential lack of unique, customizable options that platforms like Mobirise offer, making it less flexible in comparison.
  • Webflow Webflow bridges the gap between no-code platforms and professional design tools, offering advanced design flexibility alongside CMS functionality. Its AI system assists in automating some design aspects, though it primarily targets professional designers with its comprehensive suite of tools. Webflow can be more expensive and complex, with a steeper learning curve than Mobirise. However, it excels in creating highly customizable and dynamic websites, making it an excellent option for design professionals. While not as accessible to beginners, it offers capabilities beyond typical AI HTML designers for those needing more in-depth design control.
  • Jimdo Dolphin Jimdo Dolphin uses AI to streamline the website creation process, offering a simple questionnaire to tailor the design to your needs. It's best for users seeking speed and ease over detailed customization. While Jimdo Dolphin can quickly get a site up and running, its design flexibility and feature set may not match more hands-on platforms like Mobirise. Its cost-effectiveness is suitable for those on a budget, with both free and paid plans, but users looking for advanced design features might find it lacking. Jimdo Dolphin excels in simplicity and ease of use but may not satisfy the needs of more advanced users.

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