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Multiple AI templates

This free AI website builder features an extensive assortment of pre-made themes and templates, designed to serve diverse needs across various life and business sectors. With over 9500 stunning website blocks accessible through both free and premium themes, alongside customizable page templates, users can create attractive and functional websites effortlessly. These offerings are grounded in the latest web design trends, ensuring that every project stands out with its unique and modern aesthetic.


How to make websites with free AI website builder?

1. Download the App or Open Online Version

To begin, decide which platform you prefer, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, or directly using an online version. If choosing a desktop application, download and install the software specific to your operating system. This initial step is crucial for accessing the AI website builder tools and starting your website creation journey efficiently.

2. Starting with AI

Once the application is installed or the online version is opened, initiate the process by selecting the 'Start with AI' option. This feature enables the AI website builder to guide you through the creation process, often starting with a series of questions about your desired website design, features, and functionalities. It simplifies making decisions that would set the foundation of your website's layout and aesthetics.

3. Select a Template

With insights gathered by the AI, you'll be presented with a range of templates that closely match your needs. These templates are designed to give you a head start on the website creation process. Choose one that aligns with your vision. Remember, most aspects of the template can be customized later, so look for a structure that fits your content and user experience goals.

4. Customize Your Website

Utilizing the website builder's editing tools, start customizing your selected template. Here, you can add new sections, edit text, upload images, and modify the color scheme to match your brand identity. This step is where your website starts to come to life and reflect the unique aspects of your business or personal brand. Experiment with the layout until you're satisfied with the website's appearance.

5. Adjust SEO Settings

Before launching your website, it's important to ensure it's optimized for search engines. Look for the SEO settings section in your AI website builder. Here, you can add meta titles, descriptions, and keywords relevant to your content. These adjustments are critical for improving your website's visibility online and ensuring it reaches your target audience effectively.

6. Publish Your Website

After customizing your website to your satisfaction and adjusting the SEO settings, it's time to go live. Locate the 'Publish' button within the AI website builder. Clicking this button will make your website accessible to the public. Remember, even after publication, you can still make changes and updates to your site as needed. Congratulations on launching your website using the free AI website builder!

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Motion Studio
Digital Agency
Mobile App Demo
Development Сompany
Development Сompany
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Furniture Store
Selling Digital Products
Online Gaming Portal
Family Dentistry
Preparation of Commercial Offers
Graphic Designer
Beauty Salon
Designer Portfolio
Small Business Studio
Business Seminar Series
Software Development Company
 Video Game
Radio DJ
Commercial Offers for Business
Fabric Store
Modern Church
Job Offers Registration
 Rap Festival
Book Store
Religion Center
Small Business Website
Public Speaking Training
Dental Clinic
Hair Stylist
Software Product
Interior Designer

Edit locally and publish wherever

Take control of your website's destiny by choosing to publish it on a local drive, via FTP, directly to *, or by connecting a custom domain. Break free from the limitations of single platform dependency or the constraints imposed by specific service providers. Embrace the sovereignty over your online presence, ensuring that you retain full authority and ownership. This approach empowers you to dictate every aspect of your website's journey, ensuring its alignment with your goals and vision.

Start selling online

Elevate your website by incorporating cutting-edge e-commerce solutions: Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions specifically designed for app integration. Seamlessly add a shopping feature to your site, effortlessly manage dynamic product listings with minimal effort, and observe as orders conveniently channel directly to your preferred platform, whether it's WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal. This approach simplifies the online shopping experience, making it straightforward for both business owners and customers alike.

Get social

Elevate your website's engagement by integrating diverse social feed extensions. Seamlessly add your Instagram or Facebook updates directly on your site, ensuring your audience never misses a moment. Moreover, highlight your latest TikTok creativity or YouTube videos, offering visitors a dynamic content experience. This strategy not only enriches your website's appeal but also connects your social media efforts, creating a cohesive online presence that captivates and retains visitors.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Crafting websites through our app guarantees they are naturally mobile-friendly, ensuring your customers can effortlessly access your services on their smartphones. This mobile-first approach not only enhances user experience but also aligns with Google's preferences, boosting your site's ranking. By prioritizing mobile accessibility, you cater to the vast majority of users who rely on their mobile devices for online activities, thus significantly increasing your potential audience reach.

View and edit website code

For websites in need of comprehensive personalization, the Code Editor extension stands as a vital tool. Users can directly manipulate the HTML/CSS, permitting precise adjustments beyond standard settings. This feature also enables the addition of external plugins, expanding functionality and integrating diverse services. Furthermore, it empowers users to construct bespoke HTML blocks, crafting unique elements tailored to specific needs, thereby enhancing the site's originality and effectiveness in user engagement.

Key free AI website builder features


AI Generation

The AI generation capability of a free website builder allows for the automated creation of website content, design, and layout. This feature leverages artificial intelligence to understand user preferences and requirements, generating customized website elements quickly. It means users without deep technical or design skills can still produce professional-looking websites that cater to their needs, significantly simplifying the web development process.


Export and Publish Anywhere

This feature provides the flexibility to users for exporting their website design and content in a format that can be easily published on any hosting platform. It ensures that users are not tied down to the builder's hosting service, granting them the freedom to choose their preferred hosting provider. Whether it’s a personal blog, a portfolio, or an e-commerce site, this capability ensures seamless migration and publishing across different platforms, promoting autonomy and flexibility in the website creation and management process.


Offline Mode

The offline mode feature allows users to continue working on their website projects without an internet connection. This is especially useful for users who may have unreliable internet service or who prefer to work while on the go. Once the user reconnects to the internet, all changes made in offline mode can be synchronized with the online platform, ensuring no progress is lost. This feature enhances convenience and accessibility, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and productivity in website building.


Drag-and-Drop Editor

The drag-and-drop editor simplifies the website creation process by allowing users to select, move, and place website elements anywhere on a page without any coding. This visually driven approach is intuitive and user-friendly, making website design accessible to people of all skill levels. From adding text and images to incorporating videos and forms, users can create custom layouts with ease. This feature fosters creativity and experimentation, enabling users to bring their visions to life with minimal technical barriers.


Built-in Security

Built-in security features ensure that websites created with the builder are protected against common cyber threats. This includes SSL encryption for secure connections, regular security updates, and protection against malware and DDoS attacks. Users can have peace of mind knowing their website and visitor data are safeguarded, which is critical for maintaining trust and compliance, especially for e-commerce and sites handling sensitive user information. This automatic security layer reduces the need for manual security interventions, making website management smoother and more secure.


SEO Optimization Tools

SEO optimization tools integrated within the website builder help in improving the visibility of the website on search engines. By providing users with suggestions for optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, and keywords, these tools make it easier to rank higher in search results. Enhanced visibility leads to increased traffic, which is crucial for the success of any website. Additionally, features like mobile optimization, fast loading speeds, and structured data help in aligning with Google’s SEO best practices, further boosting the site’s search engine performance.


Mobile Responsiveness

Ensuring that websites are mobile-responsive is essential in today's mobile-first world. This feature automatically adjusts the layout and content of a website to fit various screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones, providing a seamless user experience across all devices. This not only improves the accessibility and usability of the website but also contributes to higher SEO rankings, as mobile-friendliness is a key factor in search engine algorithms. Users can confidently create websites knowing their content will look great and function well on any device without requiring manual adjustments.


Analytics Integration

Analytics integration within the website builder allows users to track visitor behavior, page views, and other important metrics directly through the platform. This feature enables easy monitoring of website performance, understanding audience demographics, and identifying content that resonates with visitors. By leveraging these insights, users can make informed decisions to optimize their site, tailor content to their audience’s preferences, and enhance user engagement. It’s an invaluable tool for measuring the success of a website and guiding strategic improvements.


User Collaboration

User collaboration features enable multiple individuals to work on a website project simultaneously, facilitating teamwork and streamlining the development process. With role-based access control, project managers can assign specific tasks and permissions to team members, ensuring a coordinated approach to website building. This promotes efficiency and allows for the pooling of skills and ideas, enhancing the creativity and quality of the final website. It’s a crucial feature for businesses and organizations looking to manage their web presence collectively.

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Begin crafting stunning, rapid websites without touching a single line of code. Our platform offers a seamless drag-and-drop experience, featuring thousands of customizable website blocks. Ideal for any project, these resources are entirely free to use. Embark on your web design journey today by downloading the toolkit at no cost.

What experts say

Should you ever have had a moment of brilliance while in the shower, only for it to evaporate before you could grasp onto it, I want to emphasize the importance of recording Your Ideas, Thoughts, and Dreams onto This platform stands ready to assist you in swiftly bringing to life any project you envision, be it a landing page, a blog, a portfolio, or anything beyond, in mere SECONDS.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your experience, this tool empowers you to create your dream website. Its straightforward drag-and-drop interface is perfect for novices.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it resembles a construction made from a diverse collection of Lego pieces... Craft websites that shine in the realm of mobile usage!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in website creation seek my advice for a completely free website construction tool, I'd now strongly suggest this particular builder. My endorsement comes after being genuinely taken aback by its performance. Anticipating to encounter glitches, like a non-functional feature or a lag in page responsiveness, I instead discovered none. The experience of utilizing it has been nothing short of delightful.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Seeking a site that's mobile responsive, primed for SEO, and crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — all for free? Here you go, enjoy!

Mark Gibbs


Individuals in search of an effective, yet user-friendly tool for creating websites will find it to be a favorable option. It offers a sophisticated block-oriented design interface, impressive built-in functionalities, and an array of appealing high-quality templates, making it highly appealing.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

A novel website theme utilizing the latest Bootstrap 5 has been launched by an AI-driven platform for building websites, marking its debut release.

Bloomberg Business


This outstanding platform offers the capability for everyone to create stunning web pages through user-friendly, drag-and-drop design templates available for immediate use, all at no cost. You can begin today without spending a dime.

Ray The Video Guy

A free AI-based website constructor offers a revolutionary approach to creating websites that ensure quick and seamless loading on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Undoubtedly, it stands as one of the simplest tools available for crafting websites.

Alex Ivanovs


...which elegantly translates to a celebration of creating websites that typically demand coding expertise, without possessing any coding skills.

Roger Hollings


As a leader in its field, this platform is democratizing AI for graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators by eliminating the need for them to learn coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly create websites by simply dragging and dropping elements, assembling your site in no time! Undoubtedly, it ranks among the simplest software options for crafting websites.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

I chose this free AI website builder because I was intrigued by its promise of ease and efficiency. The setup was straightforward, but I did question how to customize the AI-generated themes to fit my brand more precisely. The positives were definitely the speed of website creation and the intuitive design features. However, the negatives included a lack of advanced features for e-commerce sites and limited customer support options. Overall, it streamlined the process, but I longed for more depth in customization. - Michael S.

I was drawn to this builder for its AI-driven design suggestions, which significantly reduced my planning time. Initially, I was skeptical about the extent of its customization capabilities. What impressed me was the AI's ability to suggest designs based on a few inputs. The positives included its user-friendly interface and high-quality templates. On the downside, integrating third-party apps was challenging, and SEO customization options were limited. It's a fantastic tool for beginners but might frustrate more experienced developers. - Sarah T.

Choosing this AI website builder was a game-changer for me due to its cost-effectiveness and the promise of simplifying the web design process. One of my initial questions was about the scalability of the website it could create, given that it's free. Positively, it offered a wide array of design options and was incredibly beginner-friendly. The negative aspect, though, was the occasional bugs experienced during editing and the site's performance on mobile devices. It excels for personal or small business websites, but might not suit larger-scale operations. - Kevin B.

The AI website builder caught my attention due to its no-cost promise and the automated design process, which I found appealing as a time-saver. The primary question for me was regarding the range of customization and personalization options available. The major positives were the ease of use and the fast creation process. However, the trade-off was evident in the less sophisticated design features and some limitations in template diversity. This builder is perfect for anyone looking to get online quickly without complex needs. - Emily C.

As a small business owner with minimal coding knowledge, I turned to this AI website builder for its promise of simplicity and zero expense. My main concern was whether the AI could accurately grasp the essence of my business and reflect it in the design. The platform's AI-driven suggestions for layouts and images were impressively on point, offering a smooth, guided setup experience. The downside was the occasional lack of flexibility with certain design elements and a somewhat generic feel to some templates. Nevertheless, it provided a solid foundation with minimal fuss. - Olivia J.

As someone entirely new to web development, I decided to give Wix a try for creating my online portfolio. The drag-and-drop interface was intuitive, and I loved the variety of templates available. However, I initially struggled with optimizing my site for mobile views. After spending some time in the Wix forums and experimenting with the layout options, I managed to make my site look great on both desktop and mobile devices. This experience was both challenging and rewarding, as I had to learn the nuances of responsive design quickly. - Emily S.

When I set out to create my e-commerce site, I opted for Shopify due to its stellar reputation for online stores. The setup process was straightforward, thanks to Shopify's comprehensive guides and user-friendly interface. Implementing payment gateways and adding products was a breeze. However, customizing my site's theme to match my brand's aesthetic proved to be a challenge, as it required some knowledge of Liquid, Shopify's templating language. Thankfully, the community forums were a goldmine of information, and I learned enough to make the necessary tweaks. My store was up and running smoothly within a couple of weeks. - Marco P.

I needed a simple, yet elegant website for my photography business and decided to use Mobirise after hearing positive things about it. The software's focus on drag-and-drop elements made the design process incredibly straightforward, and I was surprised by how professional the final product looked. The offline feature of Mobirise allowed me to work on my site even when I didn't have internet access, which was a huge plus. While initially skeptical about an offline builder, I was amazed by the efficiency and flexibility it offered. - Julia C.

As a small business owner with limited coding knowledge, I found Squarespace to be the perfect solution for creating a slick, professional website. The selection of templates was impressive, and the style editor made it easy to customize my site to fit the brand. However, I did encounter some difficulties with integrating specific third-party services, which required a bit of creativity and workaround solutions. Ultimately, the comprehensive analytics tools Squarespace offers provided invaluable insights into my site's performance, helping me to refine my content and marketing strategy over time. - Liam T.

Returning to Mobirise for a second project, I decided to build a website for a local non-profit. This time, I explored more of its advanced features, using its Bootstrap-based themes to create a responsive site that looked great across all devices. One of the challenges I faced was incorporating a custom donation form that needed to communicate with our CRM system. With some research and help from the active Mobirise community, I managed to implement a solution that worked seamlessly. The project was a success, and the non-profit was thrilled with the donation page functionality and the overall aesthetic of the new site. - Natalie W.

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The AI website builder utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to streamline the website creation process, eliminating the need for complex coding or design skills. By inputting basic information and desired features, users can instantly generate and customize a professional-looking website tailored to their specific needs. This tool supports a wide range of initiatives, from e-commerce platforms to personal blogs, by offering responsive design templates, SEO optimization capabilities, and integrated analytics tools. Its intuitive interface and real-time adjustments allow for effortless editing and previewing, ensuring a user-friendly experience. To begin crafting your ideal website, download it now for Windows or Mac using the buttons below or try the AI today.

View in Action

 Watch the video below to discover the secrets of crafting an appealing website through the free AI website builder. This guide will walk you through every step, ensuring you can create an aesthetically pleasing and functional website effortlessly. Elevate your online presence today by learning from our detailed walkthrough.


What is a free AI website builder?

A free AI website builder is a platform that enables users to create websites without manual code editing by using artificial intelligence technology. These platforms often come with drag-and-drop editors, pre-designed templates, and AI-driven design suggestions to simplify the web creation process.

Why should I consider using a free AI website builder?

You should consider using a free AI website builder because it simplifies the web design process, making it accessible even to those without any coding knowledge. It saves time and resources while still allowing you to create professional-looking websites customized to your needs.

Can I create a professional-looking website with an AI website builder?

Yes, you can create professional-looking websites with an AI website builder. These builders provide a wide range of modern and responsive templates that can be customized to meet your branding needs. Plus, AI-powered design assistance helps ensure that your site looks polished and user-friendly.

Is Mobirise a good choice for building a website?

Yes, Mobirise is a great choice for building a website. It's a user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and blocks. With its drag-and-drop interface and real-time editing feature, Mobirise makes website creation accessible to non-programmers and professionals alike.

Does Mobirise support e-commerce functionalities?

Yes, Mobirise supports e-commerce functionalities. It offers specific themes and extensions that allow users to integrate shopping carts, payment systems, and product catalogs, thereby enabling the creation of fully functional online stores.

How does the AI feature in Mobirise help in website building?

The AI feature in Mobirise assists in the website building process by automatically optimizing site design and layout based on the user's content. It can suggest and apply design principles, ensuring that the site looks aesthetically pleasing and operates efficiently across all devices.

Choosing the right free AI website builder

  • Mobirise Mobirise distinguishes itself as a standout among free AI website builders with its no-code philosophy, attractive for beginners and experts alike. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, making website construction both easy and enjoyable. Unlike many competitors, Mobirise is downloadable software, ensuring quick, seamless operations without internet dependency. Its AI aspect simplifies web design, allowing users to create modern, responsive websites effortlessly. The free version comes generously equipped, though some advanced features require payment. Its main attractions include ease of use, extensive template selection, and full control over privacy, outweighing its cons like limited advanced features in the free plan.
  • Wix ADI Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) provides a user-friendly platform where users can create websites automatically, with minimal effort. After answering a few questions about the desired website, Wix ADI suggests a fully functional design. It's known for its ease of use and flexibility, allowing users to tweak the AI-generated site to their liking. While Wix's free plan is decent, unlocking full potential requires a subscription. Although it introduces convenience and a quick setup, its customization options can be limiting compared to more manual builders, potentially stifling more advanced designs and functions.
  • Zyro Zyro prides itself on its AI website builder, which promises a hassle-free experience for users of all skill levels. Beyond just ease of creation, Zyro introduces AI tools for text generation and image editing, making content creation straightforward. The interface is intuitive, cutting down the learning curve significantly. Zyro's free tier offers essential features but places restrictions on more advanced functionalities and customization options, prompting users toward its paid plans for full access. This builder guarantees quick website launches, though at the expense of depth in customization seen in more comprehensive platforms.
  • Bookmark Bookmark stands out with its unique AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant) system, offering to create tailored websites within minutes based on user input. It focuses on simplicity and speed, ensuring a smooth journey for users with no coding knowledge. The AI suggests optimizations and design elements, though with less emphasis on user control compared to some alternatives. Bookmark's free package is functional for basic use, but like others, it leans on its premium services for more expansive features. Users may find its AI focus as both a blessing for efficiency and a curse when desiring more hands-on customization.
  • Jimdo Dolphin Jimdo Dolphin employs AI to streamline the web design process, asking straightforward questions to craft a personalized website. It's particularly well-suited for small businesses and individuals eager to establish an online presence without delving into technical details. Jimdo's ease of use is high, but its design and feature flexibility might not satisfy all. The free version functions adequately for basic websites but nudges towards its premium offerings for a more professional touch. Despite these constraints, its speed in going from concept to live site is commendable, with trade-offs in customization depth.
  • Webnode Webnode offers a user-friendly approach to website building, although it doesn't heavily market its AI capabilities like some platforms. It simplifies the design process, allowing for the quick and efficient creation of websites and e-commerce stores. Webnode's strengths lie in its multilingual website support and an array of templates. The free version covers basic needs but places limits on customization and advanced features. While not as explicitly AI-driven as competitors, Webnode provides a balanced experience for users seeking straightforward functionality and ease of use without deep dives into design intricacies.
  • Ucraft Ucraft blends simplicity with a touch of AI, focusing on providing a smooth drag-and-drop experience complemented by AI tools for design suggestions. It caters well to individuals and small businesses wanting a professional online presence without complexity. The free plan is quite generous, offering a range of templates and essential features, though it includes a Ucraft branding on sites. While its AI component doesn't dominate the creation process, it aids in streamlining design choices. Ucraft’s balance of user-friendly design and functional depth makes it a viable contender, with concessions for more advanced customization being reserved for paid plans.
  • Constant Contact Website Builder Constant Contact's Website Builder leverages AI to offer a guided approach to website creation, focusing on speed and marketing tools. It excels in building websites optimized for engagement and growth, incorporating e-commerce and email marketing functionalities seamlessly. The free version serves well for basic sites, but the platform pushes users towards its premium plans for comprehensive features and removal of Constant Contact branding. It provides an efficient path to a functional site, though some users may seek greater control and customization than the AI-led process offers, especially for unique or complex site requirements.

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